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Friday, April 3, 2015

Media - The fourth pillar has become froth filler.

The fourth pillar has become froth filler.

The government can clean the Ganges, even the oceans surrounding the country but it cannot clean many of the existing media houses nor can it afford to ignore it.

The most unfortunate thing about media is that it is critical [important] component of a liberal democracy but at the same time it is sickening if it is selectively critical [criticizing] of any activity by specific individuals or institutions;

Never underestimate the scope of media mafia and meaningless media trials. They use microscope, telescope, stethoscope and many more depending on what they want to filter out or focus on. But remember unfortunately they are the mass opinion molders because of their penetration through idiot boxes.

I can enlist thousands of cases of their misuse through selective amnesia and collective indifference to really vital issues and worthy causes.

Their entire operations are biased and selective; they use special filters and focus on scandalizing and sensationalizing every issue while well ensconced in their air conditioned studios- these know all and self proclaimed guardians of social welfare sit on judgment over everything and everyone. 

They debate with derision about judicial activism, police excess, human rights violations, armed forces atrocities, corporate politician nexus, political apathy to pressing issues [ presses whom and where?]. But they strain their brains [if they have any] to find maximum vindications to Naxal activities saying that the governmental indifference to tribal welfare has birthed Naxals. They ensure, like the left politicians, to promote, if not create a sense of victimhood to unleash their verbal venom and high pedestal preaching towards the villains that they have already decided  to portray or sometimes they scan for villains.

They resort to diverting the attention of the whole nation to very trivial issues, stray incidents in a vast geographical area like India, silly comments by some personalities in some contexts, sting operations to malign someone or some institution.

The media impatiently asks: - When we can expect judicial reforms? When can we expect to rein in Government officers? When are we going to restructure the financial sector? When are we going to make public sector accountable?  But it has never asked when it is going to become impartial? When it is going to become responsible? When it is going to prioritize issues based on national importance? When it is going to report about positive actions by individuals, institutions, government etc? When it is going to learn about the various aspects of economic development of the nation? When it is going to highlight activities taken in those directions etc?

Can media be ever expected to do this? Definitely not the majority of them, why?

We need to know from where have these creatures in the media have come? Why are they so biased? They [these media mafia] are also mostly Indians born, educated and live out of this land but why are they anti-national? Why they do not reflect even for a moment consciously that they are doing a great disservice to the nation while self proclaiming as the voice of the nation? Why are they above all not at all interested in the well being of the nation and its citizens?
This may lead us to the whole bunch of disgruntled, ignored, pseudo academically qualified bunch of youths misused by an outdated ideological outfit.

What it is and where it is can be easily found from their ideological identity fixation.

Before going into the investigation I would like to mention a readily       available text which will give a very scholarly insight into why and how this ideological outfit has damaged the nation’s progress and perpetuated poverty and ignorance as policy.

I wish every Indian to read a very important analysis of India’s journey with all its positives and negatives post Independence which undoubtedly was also impacted and influenced by the spillover effects of pre-Independence policies. All these are well explained in this book- a very scholarly research work with also a road map outlining the course correction needed in various sectors of India for its economic growth, prosperity and improved scenario for job creation etc. The book is ‘Getting  India back on Track’.

What this apolitical research work never fails to acknowledge is that most of the ills, negative trends, and economic backwardness were the result of skewed policies of socialism with the concomitant lack of integrity of its proponents, lack of conducive conditions for its implementation and the care for reviewing its actual impact on the citizens etc.

It is these very same Indian brand of leftists and so- called socialist ideological elements though politically insignificant continue to contaminate and dominate the social, ideological, cultural spaces indirectly through a very powerful weapon called the media, mostly the audio visual media in the form of a few English channels, most of which owe their loyalty to foreign funders and some in the print media as well. They started this enterprise to eke out a living and gradually enhanced into luxury loving lads who now cannot get rid of their postures even if they are ideologically not in favor of it.

Some of these media houses wash of their guilt of projecting only the negative aspects and creating false victimhood by conducting a yearly ritual [like the ceremonies performed to ancestors, whom we may not have bothered to communicate to or to take care when they were alive, old and longing for our attention] by conducting a much publicized awards function to positive contributors in various fields. These rituals are like the items in the attic, rarely used but reverentially kept aloft away from our sight.

While the book is ‘Getting India back on Track’ discusses reforms and restructuring in various areas, it has left out media which is the biggest stumbling block to India’s economic growth and real liberal democratic institutions.

Reforms in this sector are not possible but flooding the media space with more number of appealing, active, national interest providing media houses is the need of the hour.

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