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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Change, Identity, Fixation

Very true the trite saying that the only thing that is constant is change. In every aspect of life and every age of life our priorities, perceptions, performance etc change as they must according to the context and/or situation . 

Most of our problems happen because of our uneasiness and unwillingness to make relevant adjustments because we have allowed ourselves to be caught in the web of  imagined fixations of identities nurtured  nonchalantly by society, culture, religion, ideologies etc. 

Only this morning some young bright person mailed me about a poem of his that got published in US. 

I wrote this to him 'life is a constant process of learning and adjustment but while doing both keep aside all prejudices, identities etc however well justified, deep rooted , magnified and projected, protected and presented they may be because only then we can see the intrinsic value and inherent attributes/merits of whatever we are learning about /evaluating and whomsoever we are trying to interact with'. 

Whole of humanity is susceptible to fall a prey to certain vulnerabilities especially when it comes to identities but what is wrong is when we proclaim only our brand of identity is superior to another.

From Kalidasa to Keats have conveyed  in subtle ways to make us not fall a prey to these vulnerabilities.

 As Keats writes, "Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard
Are sweeter: therefore, .......".                                                                            

 I feel there is lot of wisdom in the following piece which Phenella writes in “The Unwritten Comedy”.
“To be ignorant of many things is expected
To know you are ignorant of many things is the beginning of wisdom.
To know a category of things of which you are ignorant is the beginning of learning.
To know the details of that category of things of which you are ignorant is to no longer be ignorant.”    

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