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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Psychology of Activists - third rate or five star?

Psychology of Activists - third rate or five star?
Unfolding the activists’ agenda is easy but restraining them is tough and toughest is make them listen to reason based on facts on situation or context which are vital for anything.
Their intentions are always for empowerment of the representatives of the weak and neglected areas of life.
These parasites sustain their sap from the fear they instill in the victims they have created and the support from their publicity arm which ensures to sustain the fear and victimhood.
So their affinities are in perennial suspension with an open mind, probably a euphemism for an empty head, to draw towards itself any group or cause or issue, according to the dictates of times and more importantly the amount of publicity and pelf it can offer to the representatives of the weak.
It has made its long journey from anti-capitalism [when it was labeled as one such entity] to trade unionism in select places to select animals to select heritage sites to select epidemics to select group of women and children in certain selected places/regions etc.
They prepare and select their toeing group [to toe their dictates] and plan their perceived target group [to target their attack].
They invent discrepancies, discriminations and differences and inject a strong sense of victimhood.
They follow it up with a network of peppy slogans, irrelevant comparisons, insulated justifications and kick start the propaganda industry which gets into publicize vociferously.
They enact lot of dramas, protests etc.
These activists are the longest living lobby on earth with different labels at different times parading as representing different causes.
The power they exercise is enormous without the responsibility to regulate or face or follow the consequences.
Their propaganda will make even the best treated employee to work hard to invent mal treatment by his employer; the most accomplished women will be forced to feel that why there was only a movie on superman? And why no movie was made with a title ‘Superwoman?’- Blatant discrimination.
You take out the pelf and publicity from these activists but that will not weaken them because they will start hunting for new causes and causalities or new toers and targets because they get addicted to enjoying benefits as representatives of empowering the weak.
Please note I am not referring to AAP or any other particular group.

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