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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Poverty business is very rich

Poverty business is very rich why?
Nation’s economic problems and poverty will persist because we have many vested interest groups who gain through the status quo.
1. Those who perpetuate and promote them for political gains.
2. Those who magnify and project them for propaganda, publicity and sometimes big prizes.
3. The media also likes to show these stories to sustain the victim –villain story line because it has readymade slogans, scripts and sponsors only for such stories.
4. If anyone or any institution sensibly tries to solve problems and address seriously to eradicate poverty then media starts questioning the motives and intentions; starts unleashing stories from its undisclosed ‘reliable sources’; starts discussing with its own handpicked expert panel to ensure to sabotage any serious moves etc.
5. Because media prefers sensationalism, scandals, and sabotages over sanity and solutions to issues.
6. So in fact the poverty business is very rich.

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