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Friday, April 3, 2015

Media’s self-contradictions and some faint hope.

Media’s self-contradictions and some faint hope.

The manifolds of the mask unfold the self contradictions of the majority of media in India. Let us hold up [support] them through some ‘autantonyms’ and ‘contronyms’ as linguistic exercise which may probably lead to a realization of what holds them up [impedes/prevents] from improving.

The mafias of ‘media’ menace which true to its name, blocks ‘excellence’ and projects/perpetuates/propagates ‘lowliness’.

It is sickening to see it squirm inside its mask of megalomaniacal meaninglessness with meanness of manipulations imbued with hidden agenda, ulterior motives, lurking lobbies, simmering suspicious sponsorship and stings, biased reporting etc.

It is sickening to note that in the name of information sharing it resorts to shearing away issues of importance.

The most unfortunate thing about media is that it is critical [important] component of a liberal democracy but at the same time it is sickening if it is selectively critical [criticizing] of any activity by specific individuals or institutions;

It is sickening to see this awful [something looked up with awe] fourth pillar secreting only awful [bad] froth;

It is sickening if it leases [lends] its integrity to lease [borrow] favors from lobbies;

It is sickening when it adumbrates [discloses] and magnifies a few obnoxious incidents and adumbrates [obscures] the whole image of the nation;

It is sickening to see it cleaving to [to stick firmly] its ideological umbilical cords but preaches to cleave [separate/disintegrate] societies from accepting the necessary changes;

It is sickening when it buckles up [hold on tightly] safely what it wants to hide but buckles down [collapse] under pressure from the lobbies of luddites;

It is sickening to see it build dikes [protection to prevent flooding] to prevent dissenting ideologies but digs up dikes [ditches] to drain developmental activities;

It is sickening to find it feigning to fix [repair] problems but fixes up [castrate/incapacitate] the solution providers through false publicity against them;

It is sickening when it clips onto [clings onto] crass concepts but carefully clips off [cut off] cultural moorings;

It is sickening to see its custom [usual /conventional behavior] of calumny against performers for economic development and while peddling custom [specifically designed] made slogans of negligence projecting poverty;

It is sickening to know it adding enough dust [components/particles] to the dirty tricks to block development but it dusts off [remove] all good works through an intentional indifference;

It is sickening to see it flog [promote persistently] the fanciful findings of funders but flog [criticize/beat] down functionally firm fulcrums to fuel financial prosperity of the nation;

It is sickening to see it left [remain] rooted in the leftist ideological identities which have been left [discarded] out of the political arena of India;

It is sickening to see it getting hewed to [sticking on to] the red hue which has been hewed away [torn off/away from] from all modern economic developmental agenda everywhere;

It is sickening when the mean [very low] methods of scandalizing and sensationalizing small issues meaninglessly are for above the mean [average expectations] of mixed news reporting;

It is sickening to see it wanting to make its profession trim [decorative /ornamental] with all latest developments and facilities at the same time it wants even the biggest employment/job providing corporate owners to trim [ cut down] their expenses and magnifies to show them as the evil symbols of  economic disparity;

It is sickening to see it switch off [run away/ shut off] uneasily when faced with questionable deeds of its sponsors but it start off [create/project] the alarm bells to pose uneasy questions when facing others;

It is sickening when trivialities are repeated ad nausea like a refrain [repetitive words of a song] of an hungry beggar in train while it refrains [desist] from reporting matters of real importance for nation’s development;

It is sickening to see it  promoting news pleasing to a particular variety [specific type] of populace while at the same time it sheds crocodile tears at the lack of tolerance for entertaining variety [multiple types or forms] leading to unity;

It is sickening to see it on an unending trip [journey] of freedom to subject everyone whom it targets to scrutiny but it rips into others privacy and trips [make them stumble] them with its stinking sting operations;

It is sickening when it selectively  sanctions [give permission] some outfits to voice their problems whereas, when it comes to some other groups it resorts  to imposing sanctions [preventing them] against them from expressing anything;

It is sickening when it never finishes [end/complete] finding faults with certain outfits while it finishes off [close down/ conveniently ignore] faults of some outfits as minor issues to be ignored;

It is sickening to see it holding fast [sticking on] to its fancied ideologies but very fast [quick] to criticize others of mental fixation;

It is sickening to smell the stink of its putrefied propaganda and difficult to surge ahead of its strong petrified polluted perceptions amid the vast deserts of dry reporters and dirty anchors, still it is heartening to know the oasis of some exceptions.

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