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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Corporate Avatar

Definite clarity required on this rather than everyone trotting out statements with half baked knowledge.
Why must readers only be fed with news items which are a propaganda for poverty publicity; Left over Leftists ideologies, which incidentally must be kept in the attic of a museum for fossil genetic samples; villain -victim hood story line projection a la leftist ideological style;
Observe your lives, at least the survival aspects of it without brushing aside facts then accept that everyone lives on corporate activities, identities, salaries, sponsorship, ownership, activity, products , services etc but hypocritically do not want to even hear any of the genuine concerns of corporate houses, leave alone addressing them and helping them.
It is high time Indians shed this hypocrisy perpetuated and promoted by major media houses of making people get a thrill out of abusing ,questioning everything regarding corporate activity.
Touch your hearts and say whether you have not been through any of these identities. I work at, I manufacture, I won, I am employed at, I am part of etc.
Mind you- sports,music , films etc can thrive and grow only when it becomes an entertainment business;
education can have more facilities and improvements only when it is knowledge industry;
agriculture can develop only when it is agricultural industry;
why even all religions and their institutions can survive when it is religious business;
political parties can function with all their brand building activities only when it is managed like a proper corporate business;
nature will be taken care of only when it is seen as an obligation of environmental industry;
news reporting is media business;
your perceived losses/risks or actual losses/risks can be taken care only when it is addressed as insurance industry;
Scientific research can be carried on only when it converts into benefits in terms of technological industry;
your diseases can be taken care of and treated completely only when it is seen as health industry or medical business;
all transport facilities are infrastructure industry;
your picnics and vacations are tourism industry;
the hotels and resorts where you stay and enjoy your food is hospitality and food industry etc.
Let us remember the facts that the business of religion is business;
the business of politics is business;
the business of education is business and therefore business of business is also business.
Why should anyone grumble if someone talks in favor of corporate houses. If there is discrimination,partiality in treatment within or among different corporate sectors then complain.
Now tell me which business you are in and what corporate house you are identified with. If you don't want any of these resign to a remote forest and lead a life like an hermit, but then, you are not free because animal rights industry or conservation industry may eject you;
or if a wealthy person sights you and decides to become your disciple you will become a Monk /Saint and end up in ashram or mutt or guru industry.
So leave your business phobia or corporate phobia because the health industry has no cure for that nor can the religious business address that problem and the political business won't be foolish in wasting their time in attending to such unknown virus.
Be happy at least some media houses like this one are talking truth and not peddling brain washing leftists ideology of the dinosaur era..
Incidentally if you still have a problem the psychiatric industry can take care of that or the vaccine industry will develop a new vaccine for such phobias

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