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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Responsible journalism

Sorry Mr.Nalapat you also do not become another small time reporter or part of petty media mafia. Even to devote your time and article space on someone or something of no consequence to the nation at the present juncture when for a change there is fortunately for the country as a whole after six decades a paradigm shift in the political arena and political discourse wherein governance and economic development and through them the social and environmental welfare ,in a way all the four are interrelated and interconnected, are prioritized over all other usual political stunts,sojourns, solitude and all other form of puerile sentimental attention seeking combined with a putrefied show of hatred towards sycophancy bla bla which altogether make a dangerous cocktail of illicit brew which is savored only by the media mafia for reasons well known only to them. You too please do not fall a prey to that genre of journalism and instead prompt politicians who are elected to perform towards economic development, improve social conditions etc

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