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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Political maturity after 60 years

Fortunately for the country as a whole after six decades there is a paradigm shift in the political arena and political discourse wherein governance and economic development and through them the social and environmental welfare ,in a way all the four are interrelated and interconnected, are prioritized over all other usual political stunts.
This has become now the expected agenda at least for parties and political leaders to follow after coming to power.
Political stunts as part of getting to power is expected and sometimes necessary as well, but what cannot be tolerated is looting the nation after coming to power; continuing to generously announce populist schemes- like indiscriminate distribution of freebies; taking foreign funds clandestinely through NGOs with anti national agenda; making anti national pronouncements; engaging in sedition; using the media mafia to give out news based on selective amnesia and collective indifference; resorting to meaningless proactive street protests with a very highly intoxicating cocktail of the youth without experience and the old with a proven bad track record when it comes to national welfare.
The media which prefers sensationalism, scandals, and sabotages over sanity resorts to its old victim –villain story line because it has readymade slogans, scripts and sponsors only for such stories. They come up with some new jargons like inclusive growth without even the basic understanding that all measures of positive governance and economic development are always meant only for overall growth and not exclusive growth.
In fact, exclusive growth is promised only in some drugs meant for libido.

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