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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

India's political journey in brief

Need to move away from the rule of dynastic dictators.

Let us shift our focus from CONG, BJP, MODI etc.

I would like all honest bureaucrats, academicians, people in respectable positions, politicians etc in Indian society to impartially look into:-
1. What type of education most of their children seek and where they get employed?
2. When, how and who enabled these?
3. How they travel in big nice new highways when and who was responsible for getting these highways in place?
4. What was the position of the country in 1990 when it went to bankruptcy? Who resurrected it and how?
5. All employment generating activities which require employable academically qualified youth have been possible because of P.V. Narasimha Rao and his team in 1990 which resurrected the economy from bankruptcy and most existing infrastructure developments have been initiated by A.B. Vajpayee between 1999-2004.
6. Now the present government is moving ahead at a very great speed with its vision of making India a super power or at least to be nominated as one.
7. So, all positive economic and social development activities in post independent India have taken place when it was not under the rule of dynastic dictators.
8. So, let the media stop the treasure hunt game of looking out for Rahul or bringing in Priyanka.

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