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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

AAP the dubious media hype

I am not biased  but I follow political parties especially whether they are birthed or secreted. If there is a clear cut ideology,organizational set up, vision, positive mission, good intention etc then it will generate a movement which will birth a political or some institutional outfit or at least throw up great personality or hero.

But if something starts off all of a sudden and comes out uncontrolled in a hurry it is a  secretion with dubious credentials gushing out due to some problem of the colon. Please do not compare a media and NGO secreted froth called AAP as any outcome of any movement.

At least during V.P. Singh's experiment it was like 'aalipotta rasam' done on an ad hoc basis to expose some but again it was more to satisfy the ego of VP singh which ended in all his desperate attempts to hold on to power.

When you have time go through these links slowly , note the dates when they were written.







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