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Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Press+ attitudes= presstitudes. He meant probably the pressing need to bring to light certain selective attitudes of the media.



Clandestine connections,

Double standards,

Eve’s dropping,

Focusing on flimsy issues,

Giving disproportionate importance,

Hidden agenda,


Judge- all experts [self appointed] on everything and everyone,

Killing positive activities,

Lobbying with lurking suspicion,


Negative reporting,

Opinion spilling to mask facts,

Propagating half truths,

Questioning everyone else’s activities like judicial activism, bureaucratic blocks bla bla,

Resorting to resurrecting divisive agendas even when the public has forgotten,

Selective Sting operations,

Trials by reporters and anchors,

Unleashing unrestrained comments on all institutions with ulterior motives,

Verbally vindicate their pet groups,

Whims and fancies of pay masters publicized,

X-raying into private lives of selective individuals,

Yielding willingly to selective ideologies,

Zeroing in on targets based on their selective amnesia and collective indifference.

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