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Monday, April 20, 2015

Media's late realization

Dear Santosh Desai,

‘ Media, once regarded with respect, now seems `paid' to many’.

Thank goodness, a late reasonable realization of fact, but better late than never.

As a former writer myself with write ups in many magazines and newspapers in India I have been a great admirer of your writing and I often use to tell students to read M.J. Akbar, Arun Shourie  and  You as the level headed good journalists.

However, I am ashamed to even remotely communicate to anyone about any affinity that I have had with any of the media houses. Let me make it very clear that I do not belong to any party blindly nor any politician nor do I suffer from any ideological fixation.

The media has brought this bad image upon itself by playing into the hands of certain forces; I need not explain in detail who or what those forces are. The media persons have every right to interpretations, ideological identities, even bias as all these are universal human weaknesses, so no one expects them to be immune from all these.
What is obvious is media’s selective amnesia and collective indifference making them use microscopes to magnify minor mistakes in usage of words  [after all politicians are not specialist linguists] whereas do not bother to report glaring non governance, non performance for 10 years because most of the media personalities, some of the select media houses were themselves beneficiaries of a scam of UPA government which took them on trips abroad at the tax payers money along with the Prime Minister on all his trips abroad, making them stay at five star hotels and treating them like royal servants. I do not understand why no one has taken up this scam. I wish that this is taken up seriously.

Media houses selectively scrutinize to sensationalize and to scandalize. However, the majority of the educated youth who do not pander to these devious designs but fortunately and soberly follow facts from several sources. It is unfortunate that the media houses forget that today the world is so well connected that fooling all the people all the time is not that easy.

What is sickening about media is its taking a definite stand to not to look into any good work, adamantly portraying some select personalities and parties as bad and using a telescope to search for some missing leader of a particular party and this definitely makes it obvious as if these media houses were paid for promoting that particular person. They resort to selective stinking sting operations. I have a list of challenges to the media. But I am equally aware most of them are more corrupt than most politicians of any party because media also contributes to psychological and cultural corruption.
Besides these TV anchors sit on judgment on all issues without even doing the necessary home work.

They all ran an orchestrated propaganda against a individual who has, thanks to these very third rate desperate high decibel media debates , and thanks to the public  and common man not believing in these third rate media tricks has emerged as one of the best prime ministers this country has ever had.

Even a school kid has accessibility to information through multiple means today and the present generation is intelligent enough not to be mislead by these biased media reporting however much they may try any of the old tricks. The rules of the game of information dissemination and facts finding their way out of and raising above the froth of falsities and fantasies of India’s fourth pillar have all changed very much.

I could foresee this reverse trend way back in 2010 and I have been talking about it in many places and I also wrote the following blog post in 2013 after someone else within the active media wrote something similar.

Stop sticking on to old tricks. Fortunately for India and also in many parts of the world where there are educated youth who can differentiate the chaff from the grain cannot be made fallible to these old tricks which most of these paid media houses are following. Just quoting few of the old tricks here :- . Joseph Goebbels "What you need to control a media system is apparent diversity which conceals an actual uniformity" and also proving Stephany Yablow totally correct "Inevitably, the media create a circus, elevating everything and elucidating nothing." It also establishes well what Charles Eisenstein said, "From brand names to PR slogans to political codewords, the language of the media that inundates modern life consists almost wholly of subtle lies, misdirection, and manipulation."


Today as I am writing this one leader belonging to an extinct party of which he has been elected as the General Secretary, to make the post ready after three years for the wife of the present incumbent- it is left dynasty so let us look the other way- is shown on most TV channels that the present ruling party BJP has got only 31% of total votes, fine, why no media person is asking him how much percentage that his leftover Left got all over India?

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