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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ram was born on January 10, 5114 BC

(A) Lord Ram was born on January 10, 5114 BC :

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"Ram was and is for real. He was born on January 10, 5114 BC," Saroj
Bala, IRS, Commisioner of Income Tax says, calmly, with the assurance
of one who has tangible facts.

Taking on the contemporary historical interpretation of Ramayana as a
religio-literary text, and Lord Ram as a semi-mythical figure, is this
unassuming person who zealously devotes her spare time to research in
history when she's not playing the tax mandarin.

And she has chosen the unusual combination of astronomy, Internet and
literary texts to provide us a startling picture of Shri Ram. This
might change the way we look at history and religion. We might refuse
to begin reading Indian history from that comma, or hyphen called
'Indus Valley.' We might have to stretch the beginnings by a few
thousand years because, as Saroj Bala says - Ram was born on January
10, 5114 BC (which means to say 7,125 years ago, considering present
year 2011).

Excerpts of an interview with the lady who has the intellectual
courage to go beyond the obvious:

What got it all started...

As an amateur historian, I've always been interested in Indian culture
and heritage. I am proud that we're Indians and the products of one of
the oldest civilisations. However, British rule changed us; we
developed a sense of being somehow inferior.

But I could never reconcile to theories like the theory of Aryan
invasion to India in 1500 BC. That would make Indian civilization only
3,500 years old.

And if you choose archaeology to dig beyond 7,000 years, you'd have to
dig more than 60 metres - something not being done in India as yet.
So, archaeology is not the only answer. There's a lot of objective
research of another kind that needs to be carried out in earnest.

So, how can we say Ram was born on January 10, 5114 B.C...

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The Valmiki Ramayana (Bal Kanda 18.8.9) mentions (the planetary
positions vis-à-vis zodiac constellations) at the time of Lord Ram's
birth as 'the ninth lunar day of the bright fortnight of Chaitra,
asterism Punarvasu was in the ascendant and (as many as) five planets
(viz, the Sun, Mars , Saturn, Jupiter and Venus) happened to be
exalted (appeared in the zodiacal signs of Mesa or Aries, Makara or
Capricorn, Tula or Libra, Karka or Cancer, and Mina or Pisces
respectively) and Jupiter in conjunction with the Moon appeared in the
zodiacal sign of Karka'

My colleague Pushkar Bhatnagar of Indian Revenue Service is the real
originator of this theory. He acquired a software named Planetarium,
used to predict planetary movements and configurations. He had
designed a software called 'Planetarium Gold Software' which is
generally used by scientists to measure the distance and locations of
planets from earth and to predict lunar and solar eclipses. By
entering in this software, precise details of planetary positions
vis-à-vis zodiac constellations described by Maharishi Valmiki in the
Valmiki Ramayan, it is possible to determine important dates starting
from Shri Ram's birth-date to the date of his return to Ayodhya.

So, the same details were entered in the Planetarium Gold software to
determine the important dates in the life of Lord Ram vis-à-vis the
present planetary positions and zodiac constellations and calculated
that Ram was born on January 10, 5114 BC, (which means to say 7,124
years ago, considering present year 2010).

More than just Ram's date of birth...

.............................. ........

The results have not just thrown up Shri Ram's date of birth; it has
actually traced the entire sequence of incidents throughout Ramayan.

Pushkar Bhatnagar starts with tracing Ram's birth. Then he moves ahead
in the narrative. Valmiki Ramayan states Ram was 25-years-old when he
went to exile. When the configuration of planets described at this
point is fed into the software, the date thrown up matches perfectly
with Ram's age at that juncture of his life - 25 years.

Again in the 13th year of Ram's exile, during a war with Khar and
Dushan, Valmiki describes a solar eclipse. The software proves that on
that given day there was indeed a solar eclipse (with Mars in the
middle). This solar eclipse and the particular configuration of
planets could be seen from Panchavati (longitude and latitude plainly
shown in the software).

Hanuman Saw 8 Constellations while flying to Lanka...

.............................. ..........................

In the Sunderkand, when Valmiki describes Hanuman crossing the sea and
returning from Lanka to Rameshwaram, he gives details of 8
constellations. Usually, one can see not more than 6 constellations at
a given point of time. But since Hanuman was flying across, and it
must have taken him approximately 4 hrs to get there, he could see 8
constellations - in two hours one constellation would have moved out
of sight and another become visible. So, in a period of 4 hrs he saw 8

Historicising Shri Ram- Man or God...

.............................. ..............

After researching on Shri Ram, I do believe he's a man who walked the
earth in flesh and blood. There is an essential difference between the
Valmiki Ramayana and the Tulsi Ramayana. Tulsidas was a devotee who
looked up to Ram, but Valmiki was a contemporary. Valmiki has written
Ram's life-history, as a biographer does - he's a contemporary of Ram,
and this is not very different from what happens all over the world.
Kings have always had their life-history written.

The submerged bridge...


Recently, NASA had put pictures on the Internet of a man-made bridge,
the ruins of which are submerged in Palk Strait between Rameshwaram
and Sri Lanka. This clearly should be treated as historical evidence
that corroborates its mention in Valmiki Ramayana.

Even if Adam's Bridge(as called by western ) is a natural geological
formation, it could have been beautifully used by Ram to construct a
temporary bridge for his army to cross over to Sri Lanka. this is one
logic. another, which is more nearly that is, as per the description
of Ram's birth time, the date come out as 10th jan, 5114BC , right?,
and NASA is claiming the bridge age wud be 1.75million years ago! we
know, in another calculation, that date was also calculated, if it is
true! means, if we believe, Ram was born in the middle years of 28th
treta yuga , then we have to believe that Ram could have been born in
1.75 million years ago(this is matching with the period mentioned by
NASA about the age of Ram setu/adam bridge) !But after so many years
it's impossible for any buildings, dwellings, statues, seals, coins,
cloths, bones or weapons to exist. There also cannot be physical
records or evidences of every person who walked this earth so long
ago. physical evidence of Ramayan like what are available in Ayodhya
or arbuda pahar(mount abu) , in many parts of india and sri lanka can
not define the age of evidence of that much years old! Physical
evidence of Ramayana all over India and sri lanka here is proving that
Rama’s period were before 7000 years! and if those were happened in
millions of years ago, we must have not got those evidences in front
of our eyes!

so, why we shud take the date million years back? NASA has the
intention to misguide our hystory with the backing of our own
government! the logic here is, bridge was made of stone, the age which
was difined by NASA that was the age of stone! we know stones made
itself in million years formation! so, they calculated it for million
years! even today if, a stone brige is made, what will be the age of
stone? exactly, it's million years! and this bridge was submerged due
to the natural process!

again, you can think that the names which were used in Ramayan or
Mahabharat are not giving impression to be unknown or very old to us
as long as million years! those names are so common to us even at
present days!

The puzzle of Indian history...

.............................. .......

The presence of Ramayana, Mahabharata and Vedas cannot be explained by
the short period between the decline of the Indus valley civilization
and the Rig Vedic period. A civilization cannot suddenly burst into
advanced writing.

One needs to look at various sources of history to re-build it.
Especially when looking at ancient history. One needs to excavate,
look at literature, ancient texts, astronomy.

Government apathy to archaeological diggings and investigation in this

.............................. .............................. .............................

There's been a very strange development in the media and the people of
India. We have started seeing ancient India as something equivalent to
the word 'Hindu'. Anything that has happened on this land in the past
is our common heritage. But, unfortunately, politicians with vested
interests have divided the people for vote bank on artificial
religious lines and making it appear that anything related to ancient
India was related to Hindu, which is not the case and should not be
the case.

[In such attitude, after some years, every history of hindu
civilization will be destroyed or will not be revealed further as
hindus are in large scale being converted & those once converted to
other religion(muslim/christian) will not be interested to unvail the
ancient civilization!]

There has never been any strong will...

.............................. ................

It is not that researches have been not taken place. There has been
excellent work done by noted historians like Sir Alexander Cunningham
and Dr Lal. Cunningham has written as many as 21 volumes on ancient
Indian history. But one needs special permissions to access these

Unfortunately, Cunningham's work that has very important information
has not seen the light of the day.

Dr. Lal has pictured the ancient city of Dwarka and it can be read in
'The lost city of Dwarka'. He has listed out 1000 artifacts. Only 9
crores needed to be sanctioned by the government in placing a
transparent tube to the sea-bed that could allow people to see for
themselves the wonder that was Dwarka.

And now people equate the sum total of ancient history to 'a temple or
no-temple' at Ayodhya. Delay in research also because science hadn't

Without the aid of science it is practically impossible to manually
calculate the exact planetary configuration 7, 000 years back. It is
science which is going to validate our history and prove that it is
much older than 3,500 years.

What would be the implications of your research on the society?

.............................. .............................. .....

I seriously feel that there can only be positive effects of my
research. In fact, Indians should seriously re-look how old is our
history and culture. This is not the end of the research; it's just
the beginning. People should be encouraged to do more in-depth
research by all means such as archaeology, dating methods and

Max Mueller had come up with the theory that Aryans had come to India
in 1500 B.C. In the Internet, Max Mueller Foundations says that that
they have re-looked at this theory and is of the opinion that this
theory is no longer valid because Indian history is much older than
that period. It's just that people have to open up their minds and
find out the answers for themselves.

.............................. ......................

(B) Lord Krishna was born on July 21, 3228 BC:

.............................. ......................

Mr. Arun K. Bansal, the father of computer astrology in India, says
that Hindu God Krishna was born on July 21, 3228 bc.

Bansal rests his claims on two of his software packages’ the Leo Gold
and the Palm computer programmes. They can simulate any planetary
configuration that has occurred or could occur in time.

And July 21, 3228 bc( which means to say 5238 years ago, considering
present 2010 year), according to Bansal, satisfies every condition
described during Krishna’s birth.

Krishna was born in the Rohini nakshatra, in the Hindu month of
Bhadrapada, on the 8th day of the waning moon at midnight. Bansal says
this was enough information for him to nail the date, working
backwards from Krishna’s death, which he says occurred at 2 pm on
February 18, 3102 bc.

His entire case rests on the accuracy of this date, however. Bansal
quotes extensively from the Shrimad Bhagwat and the Shri Vishnu
Puranas, old Hindu calendars and the Mahabharata to illuminate the
clues he chose to follow. "A shloka in the 38th chapter of the Shri
Vishnu Puran, says that Kaliyuga started on the day Krishna died." He
unearths another shloka in the Shrimad Bhagwat Purana (part 11,
chapter 6) where Brahma himself speaks to Krishna about how old he is.
"Brahma says that 125 years have passed since Krishna’s birth; this is
just before Krishna plans his death."

Though not empirically verifiable, the advent of Kaliyuga is
traditionally taken to be 3102 bc, because all our panchangas or
astrological journals maintain that 5,100 years of Kaliyuga had passed
before 1999 AD. The belief is supported by mathematician Aryabhatta’s
astronomy treatise Aryabhattiya, the Surya Siddhanta, an astronomical
text that dates back to 400 AD, and a 5th century inscription from a
temple in Aihole.

Deleting 125 years from the date, Bansal figured Krishna was born
either in 3327 or 3228 bc. The rest he left up to his software, merely
feeding in the planetary configuration that Krishna was supposedly
born under, to generate the row of figures that conforms to the
epochal moment.

Would astrology have thrown any light on what such an individual may
have been like? Outlook asked Bansal to create a birth chart based on
the date. His computer churns out 15 pages sectioned under tantalising
headings like Love & Romance, Appearance, Personality, and Journeys.
With Saturn in his seventh house, he would have been fated to court
many women’ enter Radha, the gopis and later his 16,108 wives. But
since the seventh house was also under the sign of Scorpio, which
guarantees a joyful marital life, he’d also have had the power to keep
them happy despite having to divide his attentions among them.

An attractive appearance and personality would have come from the
exalted moon under the sign of Taurus. Jupiter and the exalted Mercury
in the fifth house will have conferred intelligence and oratory
skills. Fame and power would have come from Ketu in the 9th house,
though it would also have forced him to lead a life away from his

Certainly stray statements do conform eerily to Krishna’s attributed
qualities. "Endowed with a glowing complexion, you have bright eyes
and an enchanting smile." Under personality comes?"You have great
fancy for music, moonlight and money".

Even the Bhagwad Gita seems to have its origin in his birth chart; it
predicts that a person born under this astral spread would have been a
great believer in karma who would advise others about karma and noble

But there are a few adverse planetary configurations to contend with.
The chart describes a life of continuous strife, peppered with battles
and wars because Rahu, Mars and Venus are in the third house. Due to
the location of Jupiter in Leo, he would also have been destined to be
estranged from his mother or mothers in his case.

With plans to announce the results of his research at the Somnath
temple during this years Janmashtami festival for Krishna’s birthday,
Bansal says that even the temple’s priests concur with his findings.
"Another pandit, Shri Gyananda Saraswati in Benaras, who will come to
the celebration in Somnath, has also come up with the same dates."

At peace with his research, Bansal prefers to turn a blind eye to the
long, long line of astrologers, godmen, NASA scientists,
mathematicians and writers stretching all the way back to Aryabhatta
who have worked on the same thing. They all quote the same scriptures,
taking into account some or all of the astral happenings recorded in
great detail, especially the ones during the calamitous time of the
Mahabharata war, when Krishna was said to have been 90 years old.
These include rare astronomical happenings like the solar and lunar
eclipse that occurred consecutively in the space of a month just
before the war, a fortnight that lasted only for 13 days instead of 15
when the moon was waning, and a comet that burned through the skies.
Also, the planetary positions recorded during the Mahabharata war were
roughly replicated 36 years later, when Krishna died.

Most scholars prefer to concentrate on the Mahabharata war where a
significant cluster of astronomical events occurred, before zooming
onto their own set of dates that binds down the life of the eighth
avatar of Vishnu in a specific time-frame. But the dates, while drawn
from the same source, strain in opposite directions.

At a colloquium organised by the Mythic Society in Bangalore in
January last year, dates as wide as 1478 bc to 3067 bc were proposed.
Contributors included S. Balakrishna (from NASA, US), using Lodestar
Pro software, who proposed 2559 bc as the start of the war. Prof R.N.
Iyengar (from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore) brought the
event closer historically, suggesting the date 1478 bc, while B.N.
Narahari Achar (Department of Physics, University of Memphis, US)
after "critically examining" the astronomical events in the
Mahabharata pointed to 3067 bc.

Authors like P.V. Vartak push back the date of the Mahabharata much
further, to 5561 bc. Swami Prakashanand Saraswati, in his book, The
True History and the Religion of India, comes up with the same dates
as Bansal does.

Considering that there are 150 astronomical references provided about
the characters and events in the Mahabharata in one lakh-odd shlokas,
there is little consensus on what information is worth concentrating
on. In addition, there is reason to believe that our scriptures "grew"
over time, incorporating events of every period. So there is precious
little we can attribute collectively to one age. Many scholars in fact
wonder if all the references to Krishna in the scriptures refer to one
person or whether the Krishna of Vrindavan and the Krishna of the
Mahabharata are two different people. But then searching for that
mythical date wouldn’t be half as engaging if the process weren’t so
complicated. Any wonder that even though the gods have destinies, they
prefer we view them through fogged glasses?

.............................. ..............................

Astrological notes on birth of Lord Rama and Krishna

.............................. ..............................

Rama and Krishna are arguably the two most important heroes of Indian
hystory. However, little effort has been made to understand the real
timelines when they could have walked on this earth, in flesh and

I usually do not like to express my political views in this forum, but
I am sorry to note that any attempt to find the truth about these
historical figures is always discouraged by the so called secularists
who are sitting in the upper echelons of education system in India.

Rama was the seventh avatar of Vishnu and was the prince of Ayodhya.
His chart has five exalted planets - four of them in Kendras.

The fifth planet, Venus, is exalted in the ninth house, which is
considered the most important trine. This chart has three of Pancha
Mahapurusha Yoga, which I will be talking about shortly. Mercury could
not have been exalted along with Sun - it cannot be more than one
house away. This is quite an extraordinary chart and probably that is
the main reason why researchers have not even begun to try putting a
date on it. But I think its ridiculous and if we look at dates in
vicinity of 7000 BC, I am sure we would definitely find such a
planetary combination.

There was an article in Outlook India based on a research paper by Mr
Arun Bansal, according to which Krishna was born on July 21, 3228 BC.
The chart of Sri Krishna comes out to be read by you about the various
interesting interpretations of the chart in the article - the notable
one being “You have great fancy for music, moonlight and money”


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