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Monday, July 15, 2013


Is it media INDIFFERENCE or media IGNORANCE?

As a former honorary editor of an international magazine I would like media persons to act with unbiased perception or consciousness.

Super slogans of communism presented the best and biggest balloon called the SUPER POWER USSR

Filled with the gas of lies, half truths, international media pleasing reports suppressing truth, till an iota of truth punctured all the gas inside the balloon and wiped USSR out of world map and we have only the torn bits of the balloon with different names. Even when one sane ruler decided to speak the truth, the media in USSR, especially the English media condemned the sane GORBACHEV because they have forgotten the lexicon of truth due to years of parroting to please the particular set of ruling class and the world media.

Similarly our English media suffers from parroting one family preferred version of news reporting or one family protecting news reporting. Even an iota of explosion of suppressed facts will pulverize the giant false pillars of paid news promoted by the English media writers. One of the dirty facet of this paid media is the peddling of pseudo secularism as a vote bank mechanism. It was very similar types of media bias that was responsible for creating 16 poor USSRs. Do you paid media along with leftists want to create ten poor Pakistans inside India, probably you may end up living in one of them.

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