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Wednesday, July 10, 2013



Excellence is never an accident. It is achieved in an organization or
institution only as a result of an unrelenting and vigorous insistence on the
highest standards of performance. It requires an unswerving expectancy of
quality from the staff and volunteers.

Excellence is contagious. It infects and affects everyone in the
organization. It charts the direction of a program. It establishes the criteria for
planning. It provides zest and vitality to the organization. Once achieved,
excellence has a talent for permeating every aspect of the life of the organization.

Excellence demands commitment and a tenacious dedication from the
leadership of the organization. Once it is accepted and expected, it must be
nourished and continually reviewed and renewed. It is a never-ending process
of learning and growing. It requires a spirit of motivation and boundless
energy. It is always the result of a creatively conceived and precisely
planned effort.

Excellence inspires; it electrifies. It influences every phase of the
organization's life. It unleashes an impact which influences every program,
every activity, every committee, every staff person. To instill it in an
organization is difficult; to sustain it, even more so. It demands imagination and
vigor. But most of all, it requires from the leadership a constant state of
self-discovery and discipline.

Excellence is an organization's life-line. It is the most compelling answer
to apathy and inertia. It energizes a stimulating and pulsating force.
Once it becomes the expected standard of performance, it develops a fiercely
driving and motivating philosophy of operation. Excellence is a state of
mind put into action. It is a road-map to success. When a climate of
excellence exists, all things-staff work, volunteer leadership, finances, program
come easier.

Excellence in an organization is important-because it is everything.

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