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Sunday, July 21, 2013

diplomacy cannot detect lies

Let Bush and Blair read Mullah Nasruddin stories written 10 years back from my diary

The terrorists have amBushed and Bleared all your efforts.
But why? By no means would anyone justify these gory acts of violence on the innocent citizens anywhere in the world.

There are many ways to tackle this menace but at the same time you both [ US and UK] need to learn from your past mistakes and give up double standards.

US initially promoted Bin laden and have Been Laden with problems later.

It initially promoted Saddam Hussein and now people in Iraq are all Sad with Damn US  In Iraq.

They are  supplying all arms to the Pak General who is Much Rough [Mushraf] beneath the veneer of juicy diplomatic diatribe which the western media laps up.

We in India have been on the receiving end of terrorist activities for decades but whenever we make a small reaction Amnesty International blares through the roof-tops which the Blairs never bothered to look into.
There are three short Mullah Nasruddin  stories  which will help you to learn  a lot

1] Once Mullah Nasruddin’s  neighbor whom he hated most wanted to borrow his donkey but Nasruddin diplomatically replied ‘I would love to give it to you but unfortunately only yesterday my brother took it away”. The neighbor believed and was about to move away when the donkey brayed from the backyard. Then the neighbor asked ‘ I suppose you said you had given the donkey to  your brother’ to which Nasruddin replied ‘My friend, who are you going to believe ? Me , who says the donkey is not here, or the donkey, which is pretending it is here?’

Let US and UK know that the donkeys [ Pakistan trained terrorists  are always here, there and everywhere] though the Mullahs may deny it and give diplomatic replies or lies.

2] Once Mullah Nasruddin picked up the best quality mutton and on way met a friend who gave him an excellent recipe so with great delight he came running shouting to his wife about all that he was bringing for the day. Suddenly a crow swooped down and picked up the meat and his wife admonished him for being so careless but then Nasruddin said ‘the crow cannot do anything as the recipe is still with me’

Let US remember that it will be the ultimate loser if it supplies arms to certain countries or starts funding believing that they are working against terror.

3] Mullah Nasruddin would load bags of flour on a donkey and take it for sale to the neighboring kingdom’s border. The customs officials would check the bags and then let him in. He would sell the flour in the neighboring kingdom and with the proceeds buy same flour from them and carry them back  they would check the bags. This went on for several months. He became very rich, built mosques, sponsored games, had palatial bungalows everywhere. Years later, when the first customs official retired, he met Nasruddin, greeted him pleasantly, then asked him the question that had bothered him for years: what was the secret enterprise that made him so wealthy? Then Mullah Nasruddin replied “ Oh, they were the good old days. I made good money smuggling donkeys across the border everyday!”

Let US and UK know that these terrorists always have smarter tricks up their sleeve, now they are training good European citizens.

On very flimsy grounds you two [US and UK] waged a totally unwarranted war on Iraq and have almost destroyed that country.

In a fit of angry reaction you finished off many innocent civilians in Afganistan

Whereas you both know that Dawood Ibrahim, the master mind of Mumbai’s serial blasts, is very much in the shadow of the Pakistan rulers but you do not insist on his blood because you think he will not do anything for you both and that he would only concentrate on attacks on India.

When the Indians react mutely to planned killings of passengers in train or inside an Ashram.  You two use Amnesty International to create all sorts of adverse publicity against people who speak out boldly against these terrorists.

Leave your double standards

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