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Wednesday, July 17, 2013




The above book Edited by Dr. N.Mahalingam, Founder Sakthi Group engaged in the fields of Transport, Sugar,Industrial Alcohol,Textiles,Foundry,Service Sector etc.

He is an ardent follower of Mahatma Gandhi and Vallalar. He has co-founded "International Society for Investigation of Ancient Civilizations" (ISIAC) in 1979 with Dr.R.P.Anjard of California,USA.

In fact Dr. N.Mahalingam , thanks to his sons,is very personally known to me and has invited me to many of the book releases and other functions between 1992 to even as late as 2005.

Dr. N.Mahalingam most important contributions are his efforts to get published the English translations of Tirumular Tirumandiram and Periya puranam for the benefits of those who cannot read Tamil.

ISIAC has motivated and patronized a number of scholars from various parts to unearth the hidden glories of our civilization. A number Seminars have been conducted. The above publication covers in detail the papers submitted by distinguished Astronomers, Scientists and others in the Seminar held at Anna University, Chennai from 20th November to 22nd November 2002.

The book contains papers submitted by Sri. N.P.Ramadurai en elderly scholar from a remote village in Tanjore.

He is Tamil scholar and has made extensive research and after comparing with others’ findings emphatically states that actual Kaliyuga ended after the Mahabharatha war and Kruta Yuga of the 29 th Maha yuga cycle commenced on 28-12-3101 B.C. Krutayuga lasted up to 08-02-1765 and on 09-02-1765 the Treta yuga started.

Hence we are now in Tretayuga and not in Kaliyuga. Sri. Ramadurai has given scientific explanations with dates and other relevant materials in support of his findings.

The above book also contains several papers submitted in the Seminar by very distinguished scholars covering the Dates of Mahabharatha War, Date of Sri.Rama, Date of Sri.Krishna, Date of Buddha, Date Ashoka , Date of Adi Shanka etc. All the above papers and findings are based on extensive research by the authors and with supporting details.

The book also contains in the Appendix (a) Chronological Table showing the names of Acharyas of Kanchi Kama Koti Peedam with date commencing from Sri Adi Shankaracharys to present Acharyas.

(b)Cycles of Saptha Rishi Mandala in B.C. and A.D.for the 27 Tamil stars with dates.

(c) The calendar of Vedic age.

(d) Tamil months and their duration

(e) Maagha Cycle and its duration.

(f) Mahayuga cycle and its duration

(g) Ayanamsa(Precessiona) cycle and duration

(h) Duration of year, month and cycle.

(i) Ascertained dates in the 28th Mahayuga.

(j) Dates in the 29th Mahayuga.

(k) Cycle of 60 years.

(l) List of 27 Nakshatras with corresponding astronomical terms.

(m).Two Diagram Showing Precession of Equinoxes prepared by Sri. N.P.Ramadurai. covering the perod from 29-7-27421 B.C. 3-11-21221A.D.

His Holiness Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetadhipathi Jagadguru Sri.Sankaracharya Swamigal in his message of blessings dated 18-11-2003 has said : Quote.....Whatever may be the research area, the findings once arrived may not be always conclusive. The research work should be continued further and further." Unquote.

I hope some in the Group might have already read this publication. For others who may be interested to read may get the copies from the following publishers.

The book is published first in 2003 by International Society For Investigation of Ancient Civilizations, 72, Mount Road, Guindy, Chennai-600 032. and printed by MAAZARU, Chennai.

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