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Sunday, July 14, 2013


How To Develop Intuition
by: Laura Silva Quesada
From April 2003 MindBiz Newsletter

For thousands of years, wise men, religious leaders and scholars from all cultures have attempted to educate us with the fact that we are far greater beings then what is experienced with the physical senses. More recently there seems to exist a growing acceptance that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and not the other way around.

Leading proponents of the move towards higher consciousness and self actualization such as Wayne Dyer, Steven Covey and Deepak Chopra are among a few who have helped pave the way for the modern day man and woman to find it easier to accept their true nature as spiritual beings. With that acceptance comes the understanding that our true nature is timeless, infinite, and all knowing. And although the word "spirit" implies qualities of being invisible and intangible, it doesn't take away from the reality of its existence.

The spirit, mind and emotions, three fourths of who you are, are non-physical or spiritual in nature. The only concrete part of our makeup is the physical body, and at its very core there is a foundation of spiritual energy that to this day cannot yet be experienced with the physical senses or high tech equipment. This makes it invisible, intangible or spiritual. The qualities of being spiritual also apply to Mind and Human Intelligence. Because you cannot see, hear, taste, touch or smell the Mind or Human Intelligence does not mean they do not exist. It only means that they exist on a different dimension that is not accessible to the physical senses. Your spiritual nature cannot be experience fully with your physical senses, but it can be experienced with your mental or subjective senses.

Your mental, subjective senses are those senses used by all aspects of you that are spiritual in nature in order to move around effectively in the subjective dimension. The subjective dimension has no boundaries of time, space or dimensions, and because your mental senses also have no boundaries, they are free to experience anything, anytime and anywhere. This creates the foundation for intuition to exist. The reasons most people don't believe they are intuitive or even use it effectively as a problem-solving tool that can lead to great success in life are that they:
  1. Are unconscious of its existence in their lives
  2. Don't value intuition as a valid sensing mechanism
  3. Are unable to discern and interpret information sensed subjectively

Like reading, intuition is a skill that can be developed

Educating yourself in how to sense, discern and interpret information you experience with your mental senses utilizes a process that is very similar to the one that was used to teach you how to make sense of information you experienced with your physical senses. This process leads to heightened intuition, E.S.P. or Clairvoyance.

Knowing how to interpret and use information sensed with your physical senses is the result of this training process and one that continues so long as you are learning. The learning process involves establishing points of reference with what you see, hear, taste, touch and smell. The more points of reference you establish with what you experience with your physical senses, the better you are able to move around in the physical world. To no fault of your own, the training process, although very effective, only focused on the physical senses that have fixed boundaries of time, space and dimensions in comparison to your subjective senses with no boundaries in the least.

By nature, and to insure survival, humans have a tendency to follow the path of least resistance and the one that is the most concrete. Now that we know that we have succeeded with our physical survival, it appears that the time has come for us to continue with the second phase of our human evolution by exploring our spiritual nature and the world it resides in. The best way to explore our spiritual nature is by internalizing our focus and going through the process of educating our "True" selves as to how to interpret what we sense with our subjective senses and establish markers or points of reference along the way. As with the physical senses, the more points of reference you establish with your subjective senses the more effective you are in moving around within the subjective dimension or world and the keener your intuition becomes.

There are many benefits to developing your intuition and learning how to interpret information sensed with the subjective senses such as being able to:
  • Go back in time and resolve past issues that may be holding you back from having it all
  • Desensitize traumas and overcoming fears
  • Access information that may be from any time, in any place or dimension, then use the information for problem-solving
  • Heal your spirit, mind, body and emotions
  • Assist in the healing process of your loved ones
  • Project your intelligence into the future and design the life you desire
  • Be able to make correct choices and decisions
  • Solve problems of all kinds
  • Make your life better every day in every way
  • Exist as a spiritual being enjoying a wonderful human experience
Intuition, E.S.P., Clairvoyance and being Psychic all mean basically the same thing and each is an ability that is available to all. Although everyone has the potential of being intuitive, enhancing it, like with reading is a skill that can be developed in a short period of time and be used for problem solving.
Intuition - The Ultimate Skill
by: Laura Silva Quesada

The new millenium is just beginning. We are on the verge of what may be the most eventful period of our lives, and of humanity. Who can say what is ahead. It would be of great value to us all if we had a way to accurately sense the flow of things to come. It would be of equal value to accurately guess, know, or sense what to do in any given situation be it in business, love health, education, or family. The value of putting more of our human potential to use in a highly effective manner in order to assure success in this day and age is measureless.

We have all had intuitive experiences at one time or another. It is not enough to just have an intuitive experience, we also need to have control of intuition as well as be able to generate intuition when needed. Being able to apply our intuition in a useful and practical way means we accept the fact that intuition is a skill that can be developed.

The most practical application of intuition is in your everyday living experience. It is when you can sense information as you need it and use it effectively and appropriately in your everyday decision-making abilities.

Intuition is mostly referred to as the direct knowing or learning of something without the conscious use of reasoning. It is the immediate comprehension or understanding of something. Intuition is often experienced as the ability to perceive or know things without conscious reasoning.

Intuition is that experience of "knowing", without knowing how you know. It might be a hunch, or a feeling, or a sudden flash of inspiration. Intuition is thought to be more associated with right-brain thought-processing, in which the right-brain, at an inner or "sub" conscious level, works with and synthesizes what is "known", and creates something "new".that sudden hunch or intuitive flash which comes to the attention of the conscious mind.

The inner conscious, often referred to as the "sub" by those who have not learned to use their inner conscious, has access to an enormous amount of information:
  • Conscious Knowledge: Readily available at a conscious level
  • Subliminal Knowledge: Perception stored by the inner conscious mind, which the conscious mind did not pay attention to, but nevertheless came in via the physical senses.
  • Perfect Memories: Apparently the brain stores away virtually all experiences.
  • Psychically Perceived Knowledge: Knowledge gained through our connection or oneness with all that is. This refers to information that is gained by the use of the subjective senses rather than the physical senses.
With such a tremendous store of data, it is no wonder that the inner conscious can create useful hunches and insights that we suddenly experience as a flash of intuition.

The intuitive experience involves seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, and tasting with our mind. These mental senses are often referred to as mental faculties. In the same way we learn to develop our physical senses or faculties throughout our lives, maybe even before birth, we now need to develop our mental senses or faculties. This will help us to understand and interpret what it is we are sensing in order to put it to practical use.

It is important to note that these mental faculties have no barriers of time, space, or dimensions. Mind is free to roam to any point or place in the past, present, or future, and perceive information that can be applied to problem solving.

In the same way mind can move through time, space and dimensions, it can also move freely through the spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional parts of you, getting information that relates to problems that may reside in any of these areas regardless of whether they are rooted in the past, present, or even future. Once a problem is detected it can be corrected.

The More Problems You Solve The More Successful You Are!

Through time, space and dimensions.Past, present, or future.Spirit, mind, body or emotions.It matters not where the needed information may be or where the problem resides, once you learn the techniques in Intuition and Successful Living, you will know what to do.

The Value of Intuition
by: Laura Silva Quesada

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be so successful in life? Everything flows just right for them. Whatever they touch turns to gold. They are the lucky ones. They are the ones with the great job, great salary, perfect love, and ideal life. You may have found yourself thinking, "Why them, and not me."

One reason for success is the ability to make correct choices, and decisions. Successful people do that consistently. They make the kind of choices and decisions that lead to positive outcomes. It is based on information that goes far beyond what is learned and involves accessing accurate information from seemingly nowhere. This ability is intuition and highly successful people enjoy a higher degree of intuition than the average person. Where most people base their decision making only on their accumulated knowledge, successful people combine all they have learned together with what they sense with their intuition. Their ability to gather information is way ahead of the rest.

Everybody is intuitive, but not everybody trusts their intuition when it comes to making decisions. Most people don't even believe they have intuition, so, it doesn't even cross their minds to use it for problem solving. Even today, there are those who are afraid of their clairvoyant abilities. They have many misconceptions about clairvoyance, think it's taboo, and something to suppress. Others believe they have it, have had experiences with it, but never knew it could be a valuable tool for problem solving.
"The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it intuition or what you will, and the solution comes to you and you don't know how or why."

-- Albert Einstein

Intuition is actually a skill that can be developed and applied effectively for improving all areas of life. It is not a "gift" that only a few have. This is a misunderstanding since everyone has some degree of intuition. Those who are really successful love that they have E.S.P., and they use it all the time since it gives them an edge over the rest of the world they work with, compete with, and live with.

Your intuition has probably been a guiding force for you all of your life by having provided you with information that helped you reach positive outcomes.
Intuition always has our best interest at heart.

-- Christina Baldwin

This type of information tends to come from hunches, inspirational thoughts, dreams, or visions. It can, coincidentally, come from others, or from your inner voice. Often, it is an overwhelming feeling deep in the pit of your stomach, your gut, or your heart. No matter how the information comes to you, when applied, the outcome is usually positive, since it usually helps you to move forward faster, helps you solve a problem or keeps you from making a mistake.

Intuition is like reading. It is a skill that can be develop through time. No one is born knowing how to read; yet most everyone has the potential of learning how to read. When very young, we were taught the letters of the alphabet, and then the sounds those letters represented. As time went by, the more we read the more skillful we became at reading. With intuition, the more you understand, and use your intuition, the stronger it becomes. Some people seem to have more intuition than others. It's probably because they had positive experiences with it as they were growing up, and are now more comfortable with using it.

Having a keen sense of intuition is desirable in every area of your life, and although many people don't advertise their intuitive ability openly in fear of being ridiculed, they use it all the time. Every person can benefit from having, and using, intuition. To be able to make correct choices and decisions in family, relationships, and business can add a tremendous advantage in life.

Now, with the four part series of "Intuition and Successful Living", you too can learn how to enhance, use and benefit from your intuition.

In "Intuition and Successful Living", you will discover the great value intuition can have in every area of your life. You will learn a proven step-by-step method for developing keen intuition and you will learn how to apply intuition in order to improve the quality of your life.

Intuition is available to everyone and developing keen intuition is an asset that is highly guarded by those who have it.
  • Learn to become one of those people with keen intuition.
  • Make better choices and decisions.
  • Learn to do and say the right thing at the right time and become "Luckier".
  • Learn to live with a sense of "Knowing" and be in the "Flow".
  • Become more creative and learn how to access information from seemingly nowhere; information that you can apply towards problem-solving, making you more and more successful with every problem you solve.
Intuition is a must in today's competitive world, and with the "Intuition and Successful Living" 4 Audio CD Series you will position yourself to be far ahead of the rest.

"You must train your intuition - you must trust the small voice inside you which tells you exactly what to say, what to decide"

-- Ingrid Bergman

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