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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Learn to listen to your own body

Learn to listen to your own body
How unfortunate it is that we have become dependent upon others to take care of our mental, physical and spiritual duties… and when we find ourselves in predicaments, we usually blame others for our difficulties”; says Ann Wigmore in her book “Be Your Own Doctor
She says that we fail to learn how to think for ourselves and to take care of our bodies properly by asking for the guidance which is always there for us to use instantly and which will amply provide for our individual needs.  
The body definitely lets people know whether or not they are treating them right or wrong. When the body is well, people feel relaxed and happy and energy is unlimited. When the body is ill people have pains, uneasiness and their minds are filled with fear. People must understand the warnings that are given. This will help them regain the energy they need.
Each individual is the engineer and guardian of his own body and mind. People have a great responsibility for their own bodies. Like any machine the body requires continual maintenance in order to function at a high level at all times.
Health researches point out that in the struggle to resist an unnatural diet, the human body “adapts” by making various complaints known, such as a loss of appetite, bad breath, rashes, indigestion, gastritis, ulcerative conditions, colitis, bulimia, and so on. All these are the outward manifestations of the internal struggle of the organism to use every means at its disposal to neutralize the harmful effects of an unnatural diet and purge poisonous substances from the body produced by it. …But people carry on eating and ignore its signs…
They defend that the body changes according to what people eat. They explain that it will mould to salad, it will mould to junk food- sugary foods, fatty foods it will mould to white vinegar, wine vinegar or to a natural apple cider vinegar. They say that the bad news is that the body moulds to these things and it does the best it can with the foods that people give it. The good news is that when people change their diet to a proper, balanced way of eating, their whole body changes with it.
The material people choose for their body and mind are very important. Since the body and mind are priceless people should treat them as treasures with more care, love and respect.
The body is continually providing human beings with all sorts of important messages that are the key to survival, either in the form of energy and vitality (the result of good health practices), or pain  and illness (the result of disharmony).
When people eat, the body will contact them to tell them what he needs, how he is feeling. He will let them know if he is feeling for an apple or nuts and when they sense what he needs they can trust it because he is really asking for what he needs to carry on doing his work. This can be nuts because he needs protein or an orange, because he needs vitamin C or a watermelon to supply him with water…
This is so beautiful and gives people a sense of freedom and the wisdom to make their own choices and the body will give them just the right answer. If he does not want to eat they should respect this as well because that is exactly what they must do and they will feel wonderful and their body will reward them with well being, energy and vitality. It is very easy just learn to listen. Listening to your body is all about making use of human inborn sense of what is right…
Humans can improve their capacity to understand what is convenient for the body by listening to their interior wisdom and then have the power and the courage to choose…

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