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Sunday, July 7, 2013

macro view of life

Splendor of macro view of life

In fact I have without any exaggeration more than 1000 books and articles all very interesting, factual, sane, superb and most importantly highly scientific on different types of craving of the human body physically, emotionally and psychologically most of which are the result of explainable but not necessarily easily controllable and/or correctable. However, evolution, as it must and as it does always, either with or without our active participation or defective indifference, keeps exploring, expressing the secrets through some unprejudiced probing souls or enlightened wise spiritual beings. Surprisingly many things that happen to us or that we make to happen are decided by many factors but of these at least some are determined by certain hormones and genes and are scientifically provable but yet only some scientists and only certain quarters of knowledge hubs make them known or available as the rest are curled up in their comfort zone of narrow spectrum which sometimes is eulogized as focus and specialization, life which is perceived however well through any micro analysis will miss the overall splendor of macro view. It is the genetic makeup that would kill a pregnant chettiyar community women if she is administered scoline because one of the 24 sects of Chettiyars, are fatally allergic to this anaesthetic administration. Multanis in Pakistan, certain tribes of Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and Egypt, and many sections of Europeans carry this defect. Irrespective of any Viagra it is a particular gene that determines the size of your big toe and penis and many more like this. So you can be addicted to carbohydrates or carnatic music or cars or cash or proteins or alcohol or anything but the reason is or perhaps the reasons are not yet fully explained but very often they are all defended or defined away by justifications or logical fallacies or worse still, sick, explained away through statistical surveys.

All the 1000 odd books and materials that I have are from such sources emanating from a wide spectrum of individuals some internationally renowned spiritual leaders, scientists, unsung and unnoticed heroes, people like me who follow many things in their cauldron of desultory hobbies whose contents and ingredients change with every dawn as they have weakness of enjoying many wonderful things that life offers, the many colors and fragrance of multiple splendor of nature like the butterfly that hops from flower to flower and like the butter fly they do play a very important role in evolution of life. Let the butterfly better fly now and allow you to read the attachments.

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