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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Creating the Future You Want

Creating the Future You Want

Your thoughts, feelings, and words are constantly creating your future.
If you are practicing affirmations in the morning, but negating them
the rest of the day, your future will be the same as your present is
now! Practice the QuickTips below and welcome positive changes into
your life!

1. When you wake up in the morning, notice what you're thinking
and feeling about the day ahead of you. Are you excited about it or
dreading it? Regardless of your situation, you can choose a positive

2. Focus your energy in the moment. Too often people spend a lot of
time lamenting the past and feeling anxious about the future.
Trust yourself and the flow of life.

3. Stop criticizing yourself about anything! Accept who you are
and where you are right now. Criticism and guilt keep you locked
in old patterns.

4. Let go of:
                         What ifs...       I should..          Why didn't I?
      And any other words that disempower you.

5. Consciously think about what you want and KNOW that
anything is possible. When Rick and I decided to move from a
small condo, the homes we were looking at were almost a million
dollars, not in our budget at the time! But we kept affirming and
were led to a fantastic home on 7 acres that cost nowhere near
a million.

6. Create enthusiastic affirmations for the future you want. Say
them, think them, sing them, and say them in the mirror.

7. Take a few minutes each morning and each evening to visualize
the life you want. Fill in all the details and FEEL them being a reality.

8. Stop criticizing others. After all, you created them in your life!

9. Spend time with like-minded people so you can receive support
for a positive viewpoint on life.

10. And remember- you are here for a purpose. The jigsaw puzzle
of life is not complete without you, and the Universe wants to
support you to achieve your dreams.

© Heart Inspired Presentations, 2006

Love and blessings,
Patricia and Rick

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