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Sunday, July 21, 2013


Let Go My Ego
by Vanessa Ebner

"We need to balance the need to do (ego) with the need to be (Spirit). In the balance, soul exists. The key to living and creating soul is to have both Spirit and our human nature equally present in our consciousness." --Andrew Schneider
When you drop the (L)ight and (T)ruth from (L)e(T) Go what you are left with is EGO. Being able to see the light and truth of the conscious and sub-conscious enables you to free your ego to live a balanced life. Letting go of your ego takes conscious effort and it never ends. Keeping your ego in check is a full time job, read on and you will see why.
Your ego is very powerful and can send you on a wild goose chase at the most in opportune times. When the need for flexibility presents itself, the last thing you want blocking you is your ego. Your heart tells you one thing, the ego INSISTS on the opposite. There you are left standing at the crossroad not knowing which path to take.
So what now? Do you go with what your heart is telling you or do you listen to your ego telling you exactly what it thinks is best for you? This can be a moment when you do not want to be held back; do you throw caution to the wind and do what your heart tells you? The ego is the number one roadblock along the life path. How do you massage the ego and leave yourself intact?
The ego is relentless! The ego you were born with takes on many new roles as you approach adulthood. Egos are very opinionated aspects of the personality. Everyone has one! Realizing this is the first step in knowing that you can take what you want and leave the rest. You can do the same with other people's egos or opinions. However, the ego does not give up easily. It cannot relate to love or its existence.
Ego based living is living out the opinions of your ego without so much as caring what or how it impacts your life or the lives of others. It is letting the ego create imbalance by controlling you. Egos invade others’ space and as a result set you up for a lot of heartache. The key is to get ego to relate to the spirit. Is this easy? NO, for the ego never likes being out of control.
There are great aspects to the ego; it has its good points, it is God-given at birth. The ego that you were blessed with was to guide you along your path on earth. It was God's way of letting you know that you are not expected to do life all alone. The ego given was a great re-enforcer of self. It provided you with all the tools necessary to grow and balance life while learning to walk. It enhanced your self-esteem. Where in the world along this path did it take on different personalities and become so over powering?
As you grew so did your ego. Each day the ego grew stronger and picked up one more trait on how to control you. It grew enormously and unless you knew then to remain in control of your ego instead of vice versa; it came to over power you as an adult. However, it's never too late to take your power back!
The ego takes on many forms. Here are a few that I am sure everyone can relate to at one time or another in life.
1. The power ego. It loves nothing more than to make you one of power over others. Knowing this ego is controlling, you have to apply the strength that power ego gives you in a way that you do not hurt others as a result.
2. The superior ego. Ahhh, that one is pretty common. It's really easy for it to convince you that you are superior to others and your skills are more important than that of your friends, family, and co-workers.
3. The defensive ego. This one keeps you so contained that it's hard for you to accept the guidance and lessons others offer. Learning to deal with this one takes time but well worth it.
4. The stubborn ego. What can this one do for you? Well, let's see. It can keep the real you imprisoned. It backs up the defense ego perfectly by disallowing you to admit you are wrong and others are right. It blocks acknowledgement that prevents growth.
5. The meddling ego. Wow this one is a sneaky snake! This one takes on power to actually let you believe you know what is best for others. Imagine that.
It tells you there isn't a need to ask if others need or want your opinion, it goes blasting in without so much as getting permission to do so.
These were just a few examples of egotism. There are many more forms of ego that make you blind to all of the love that life holds for you. The ego was given to serve you not control you. Take back the power you have unconsciously endowed to your ego. While the ego will always remain a strong part of who you are, it is time to let go of the ego to free yourself and begin living a life of conscious change and loving. LET GO MY EGO!

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