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Friday, January 3, 2014

Feminism and feminists

Here is a very good article in this link

And this is my comment to that  article
I really liked the whole article as it contains lots of unbiased observations which are all very true.

The moment we isolate any group, for whatever reason or justification, and classify them for some special attention or treatment we resort to or tend to look through [based on our own inbuilt identities and our willingness or unwillingness to relate to such group/s] sometimes with a magnifying glass, sometimes with a micro scope, sometimes with a telescope etc and scrutinize in depth.

This very process distorts our perception about the group and we come up with multiple dogmas and from then on it is the dogmas that we discuss, debate and deal with and almost forget or push into background the issue or person or thing or group for which or about which such dogmas were established. However let us not forget that the evolutionary process in the genesis of social dogmas has no end. In this case Feminism.

Here as a writer who used to write in a column titled Adam’s view in a woman’s magazine some 20 years back I would like to share some of my writings almost all of which were published in different magazines.

1] “It is very unfortunate that most Magazines/periodicals which are meant to speak for the cause of women tend to improve the status of women as a cynosure of society, rather than project women as sure signs of improving the status of society. They tend to make a veiled suggestions, perhaps unwittingly, to treat women more as objects of admiration, caring more for their cosmetic embellishments, glossy and gorgeous garments, glittering jewels, or as objects of pity narrating their woes, marital problems, or recounting Mills and Boon types of romance, or narrating episodes to vindicate that women can do anything that men do or even better than them and project their victory in a competition of gender. These are probably inevitable commercial requirements. Unfortunately, what happens is that these things mask the other more excellent, extraordinary, aesthetic aspects of womanhood. In these periodicals, while women’s acknowledged competitive achievements are paraded and publicized, and certain cruel harsh realities and problems of women in general are discussed with the possible remedial measures, they fail to propagate the more precious virtues of womanhood.” From my article some 20 years back under column Adam’s view

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