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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

indifference,identity cages

Please define common man is he an IRS officer who does not attend his official work and works for an NGO and gets heavily paid and also gets dubious funding from various organizations with ulterior motives and hidden agendas through multiple NGOs? How many common men are with IRS, with these facilities? do not get trapped into media projected labels on secularism, communal-ism, common man etc then you would end up forgetting the real meaning of the words , forget the language and also allow someone else to think for you . AAP got to prominence on a single agenda anti- corruption hoping that the media will never expose the inherent corruptions of AAP itself and to top it all he has joined hands with Congress I don't think I need to explain any further. Our country's greatest ills are indifference of the academically qualified and materially well placed
[I will never call them educated] and ignorance of the masses and now added to these misleading paid media propaganda. Sane people must not fall a prey to any of these. Another senior journalist today wrote an article please give them, AAP, time they are not just another political party but a social movement and I wrote to her "what you mean by social movement against corruption? Even if it were so, How about revealing all the details of all the NGO funds that is running this party? Biggest joke is a social movement against corruption joins hands with Congress to form a government."
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Arvind kejeriwal is just an academically qualified highly corrupt NGO activist facade of Indian brand of, sorry breed of Leftist Marxist Naxal mafia who are used by many forces some of which even Arvind may not be aware and the crowd with him may also be not aware .“There's a difference between playing and playing games. The former is an act of joy, the latter — an act.” ― Vera Nazarian , "A leader will find it difficult to articulate a coherent vision unless it expresses his core values, his basic must first embark on the formidable journey of self-discovery in order to create a vision with authentic soul."
~ Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi Quotes from Good Business

And I would not blame Arvind or the bunch of youth getting carried away by his brand of sloganeering because a huge chunk of educated youth without proper clarity about any identity or role model and all these coupled with the most corrupt popular media houses will succumb to any cage of identity, as all of us are, it could be as stupid as Bollyhood movies or meaningless religious rituals or socially appealing ideology etc. More the brain washing slogans, populist measures and promises promoted avidly by the mass opinion molders in the form of media the easier it is to catch the prey of youth.

But the problem is once we are in the identity cage we refuse to come out , we fail to realize and value our various types of relationships with myriads of things, ideas, people, events etc or their relation to us . It is a dilemma wherein we unconsciously subject ourselves to limited options or reduce our choices. I felt the pathetic situation of the present day's talented, educated, intelligent , toiling youth but rudderless and not getting spotted by any sane radars as well and thought philosophically about it and wrote this essay for this New Year [this contains many references, links etc highlighting the importance of many institutions, individuals of real worth etc

“Whatever is a reality today, whatever you touch and believe in and that seems real for you today, is going to be, like the reality of yesterday, an illusion tomorrow.” 
― Luigi Pirandello

problem gets compounded by a herd of ill informed but tall advise giving breed of very active youth who report and also sit on judgment on any personality and on any subject without either polishing their language or updating their knowledge on the subject at least through googling before unleashing their diatribe on paper and on channels. All of these reporters have one thing in common they have no national pride, they know nothing about anything regarding the nation and all their knowledge if at all they have managed to get time to acquire that by 23 or 25 years has been through their history, social, geography text books and leftists propaganda pamphlets. which I too read from 4th std till my SSLC every year I read about the likes of mogul emperors’ wives and love affairs of mogul emperors followed by colonial oppression and Gandhis experiments with two new nude girls everyday[lucky chap] and his doing surya namaskarams dialy and reading the bhagawath geetha etc [ great virtues for a leader why bother about governance , economic development, welfare of people, preservation of native culture, protection of nation's heritage , culture etc] this was coupled with Nehru's biographical account explaining about his greatness in all details and glory [sans[ except] his house of birth because that was a brothel otherwise that would have been a monument by now] so I always felt what a wonderful country it is we can have unlimited romance and unlimited wives à la mogul style or uncensored experiments à la gandhi style or unquestioned promotion of an English speaking, good looking hypocrite who can then be trust upon the nation as a great personality à la Nehru style; Never did I learn any of these things that there is something called administration, governance, welfare of the people, India's economy, its immense varieties of cultures, its great heritage, its unique agricultural strength as probably the only country with maximum geographical zones soil wise [ excuse me for being too academical here] and the only country where you can cultivate and harvest 365 days in year [ these two luxuries no other place on earth has and what more you need?] India's vast cultures, India's contribution to humanity in many spheres of life [ fortunately some Britishers who came to colonize India took interest and documented some good things for posterity][ incidentally I am reading a wonderful research work on 'physics in the Vedas'. Here I would like to quote something which I send to TMK, another upstart à la kejeriwal, [1] Page 141of ‘Becoming Indian’ by Pavan K. Varma
“When people are the subjects of their own culture, their creative expression has self –assuredness and spontaneity, so they create a unique and effective language of communication even when the grammar is imperfect. This is because the idiom is authentic. But when people become objects of a foreign culture, a huge transformation takes place. Suddenly, a creative work is judged not for its intrinsic value, or for the heritage it is sourced from or is a part of, but for the degree to which it is comprehensible and conforms to the outsider’s culture. The process is all the more mutilating if the outsider belongs to the dominant political or military power of the time [or a putrefied political ideology-italics mine], and there is necessary prejudice, condescension and prurience in his gaze. When this happens, spontaneity reduces itself to self –conscious mediocrity; creativity seeks to qualify itself [to some irrelevant yard stick]; authenticity gives way to imitation; self –assurance is replaced by denial. An entire culture attempts to reinterpret itself in terms that will somehow win the dominant outsider’s approval. The ‘objectified’ people then thrive only as exotica; their historic role becomes that of the observed; everything external about them –and nothing of intrinsic value-is collated, classified and investigated. They finally end up as caricatures, divorced from their own cultural milieu and perpetually alien-in spite of their best efforts at emulation-to that of the outsider.” [What is more pathetic is the hitherto insiders getting converted into outsiders causing chaos]
Please note: All things written in this quote in brackets and in italics are mine.

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