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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Journalists' methods 

1] Chetan has his own share of corrupt practices which has promoted him as a big writer while better writers are yet to get a publisher. For info I can tell you , you can write any crap , get it published at your cost or find a publisher , then pay a hefty sum to IBD they will ensure only your works are displayed in the front rows,prominently or all over depending on how much you pay and how well you are connected in all the airport stalls, railway station stalls, major book houses across all metros. This is a huge mafia. India today and Outlook pushed aside Sunday and week only through this method. All those who ever ran a magazine know this, as I was one of the editors of an International Magazine which had 6 Nobel laureates also as editors and had tie up with NASA to use their latest photos etc but we had to close the magazine after 2 years struggling to even break even and later on some of the editors who were business wise wiser brought it back in a new poor avatar after a gap of 6 years. so chetan has an audience and of course some of his short articles in news papers are sometimes good not anywhere near the class and content of M.J.Akbar or depth or research of Arun Shourie or language of Arun Puri etc

2] He is trying his level best to be anti Modi, though he would love to openly support congress , he fears that it would spoil his readership now, so in his anti Modi enthusiasm he was trying to grab the straw called AAP which when on land will be blown away by wind and on water will sink anytime and when it stands in a dilemma not knowing whether to live on land or on water it will be eaten up by the bulls of congress around. he is one of those typical modern writers who use thesaurus as a drilling machine to bore into any subject [and bore others too] and depending on the person, issue , their prejudice, their understanding or lack of it , use different types of chucks and drill bits and spindles and use sometimes to even dig tunnels to escape when they are caught with their pants down as Tarun Tejpal did. Chetan did it recently a few months back in an article about Modi , in the Hindu , when it was managed totally by two Marxist naxals Ram and Siddarth . I selected the terms he used and gave him a more refined thesaurus. here it is

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