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Saturday, January 4, 2014

AAP's tall claims

All of you  read everything fully and come up with your arguments and perceptions
In any institution either big or small, as in our own body, there will always be a soul operating, heart pumping blood , a spleen or kidney etc cleaning it but always even behind beautifully exposed abdomens of the most sexy actresses too there will always be shit inside the abdomen either viewed by X -ray or not.
This dichotomy is the law of nature good and bad, big and small etc but life is more than a triad beginning as a triad depending on our relationship or how we relate to these good and bad stuff and also how the world reacts to these dichotomies and what we do about it. This process of relationship between these dichotomies involves two important factors for life learning and adjustment. We shall talk about it later in depth but now confine to AAP.
I have listed even those of Kejeriwal, there are two of them elected who have rape cases against them and many more and more of it will come out like the shit inside our system at appropriate time. Other parties do not want to expose AAP now for various reasons which is a big topic by itself.
Unfortunately our country always prioritized the wrong things and went gaga over irrelevant things. We do not need a kejeriwal to expose corruption. All of us know it. what we need is creating a good governance model which generates indigenous economic development, unlike the soviet model which condemned people into almost working class slaves in the name of communism ensuring to provide just enough for everyone to survive physically blocking any happiness or even freedom to know what was happening outside in the world admonishing all cultural and social activities as if they are all part of some religion and in the process even sabotaging literature, free thinking, philosophy, even independent scientific research unless it contributed something to USSR’s military technology or the Chinese model which is of course more clever and cunning and therefore more successful model whereby china slowly and steadily became a backyard manufacturing unit for 80% of the population of the western world. It grew on their consumption, if the western economy becomes too weak to even consume what china is producing then china will collapse.
If economic development is given a priority over everything else as an important aspect of governance then there will be real benefits accruing to all. This is called incidental benefits as for negative and destructive activities we call it as collateral damage.
There were few people who thought about it. Initially Rajiv Gandhi wanted to introduce computerization and inducted Sam Pitroda to come out with policy which benefits some or at least it initiated awareness for the necessity of using computers in all areas of life. When Narasimha Rao became P.M whatever I am saying are all on official records he actually wanted Dr. Subramanya swamy to be the FM with Manmohan and Alluwaliah as economic advisors[ as that was the team under Chandrasekar as PM with Dr. Swamy being minister ] as Rao felt Dr. Swamy had better understanding and big contacts in USA to bring in globalization against all the luddites from the leftist philosophy, but a real globalization , not the one which helped only US owned MNCs but on the condition that DR. Swamy must join the congress. However, DR. Swamy refused to join congress, so MMS was not FM but Rao still made DR. Swamy as the chairman of GATT and WTO commission[with a special cabinet rank where the ministers of State for finance, commerce and industry etc have to report to him] without a participation in which globalization could not have been implemented. Because of Narasimha Rao we inherited the benefits of opening up of the economy which paved the way for all our Engineers and Chartered accountants to get decent paying jobs in MNC, in the process for entry of every MNC there was huge commission, many middlemen and all sorts of corruption in which many benefited [in fact it sheer corruption between 90-95 by Jayalalitha and Sashikala demanding exorbitant money that the entire IT went to Andra where Chandrababu Naidu welcomed with open arms and provided all benefits] but it also helped a very large population of educated youth to get jobs and enhance their life status from lower middle class into upper middle class. Then when Vajpayee took over he felt that the opening up of economy has only made educated Indian youth being used as mere call center employees and software producers or back office operators for many US companies and felt in the event of any change in US policy can render our economy weak [as rulers they were not and they need not bother about a few thousand middle class educated youth losing their jobs], I stress the economic activity as a whole. It was then that the think tank of RSS [I do not subscribe to many of their views or activities which are fanatical and foolish too] suggested that the manufacturing sector, the exporting sector, the agriculture producing sector have to reap the benefits of the economic liberalization for which infrastructure must be created. So NDA came out with huge infrastructure projects thanks to which we have high ways across the nation. Otherwise before that the GST road from Perunkulatur to Chenglepet ,OMR, Sriperumbudur etc were a little wider than a loincloth[komanam in Tamil]. This involved land acquisition which involved coming out with some guidelines and which involved lot of corruption and mal practices ,even now the toll fee is a day light robbery but then no one would mind that considering the facility that the highways provide.
Manifestation of policy decision and economic development agenda must result in controlling price raise, reducing inflation, level playing field for most of the investors, enough opportunities for making the nation a power to be recognized and respected in the comity of nations [Vajpayee did silently Pokran tests] and naturally all citizens will be the beneficiaries of all these activities [as incidental benefits as mentioned earlier].
Nobody ever talks about the money that T.R. Balu earned in Katipara bridge project, it is taken as almost middleman’s commission but if after allotting funds had he not built the bridge itself or sold the contract to an unknown foreign company selling needles at exorbitant rates etc then everyone would question that.
90 to 95 Jayalalitha wasted the power she got, B.S. yeduyerappa wasted the power he got. Both of them got punished rightly so for letting down the people who reposed faith in them for their nonperformance on economic development front due to various reasons/justifications.

Similarly AAP is letting down the huge mandate they got unexpectedly, they were expecting only maximum 12 seats, along with a open support from a big party like Congress. AAPians are good reporters, arm chair critics or trade union leaders who can only criticize and find fault with other but are incapable of even taking up a step towards governance. This is where the street smart eight standard failed politicians score over these academically qualified scholars who suffer from frequent bouts of verbal diarrhea.
This bunch of AAP are like and from leftist Marxist Leninist ideological outfits which can be very dangerous like the Maoist [ all their arguments are justifiable but the methods or modus operandi is dirty, producing only collateral damages [already many educated youth are made to waste lot of time paying attention to them and their pronouncements and reading their propaganda material etc]

All big communist party leaders across the globe [except Gorbachev] are all corrupt and would never tolerate even the slightest disturbance to their position while they will do all tall talk of equality, liberty, egalitarianism etc [you must read a wonderful history book by a British Author called Dance the book title is ‘History for a United World’] and this trend percolates to the lowest leftist trade union leader too.

The far-fetched extreme idealism of Marxist left is very nice in theory but has never worked anywhere nor is workable, ‘you cannot blame the rain drops for not moving upwards’. Variety and differences are the laws of nature. Learning and adjustments are the two constant processes of life with varying degrees of intensities of their manifestation like for example under adjustments we have compromises, confirming to others views etc as long as they deliver the desired goal with some frictions and nudging here and there, nothing happens without these, even we were born like that because while millions of sperms nudged one managed to push forward to become a successful egg.

Unwillingness to adjust or accommodate is a sign of intolerance and insecurity and therefore a fanatic outlook.
AAP can only be the preferred baby of the media and therefore pampered and promoted by it. What is unfortunate is the collateral damage it has already done to many of the educated youth.
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