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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Jekyll and Hyde

No, they are not useful idiots but there are many like her the Jekyll and Hyde with a healthy public view and a filthy private ambition that is quiet contrary and most of the Indian bureaucrats fall in this category. They will brush off killing of 100 of innocent citizens as inevitable collateral damage but if you take a small needle near any of their near and dear ones then they will start a huge human rights campaign. The left over left from Bengal , the notorious Naxals and the militant Maoists have all combined into a Marxist mafia and conspired to use the media. The beauty of this Indian Marxist left is that it is a poisonous decoction getting funded by some vested interest groups from non socialist and non communist countries and organizations which can create selective damage to India’s economic growth [that's why this group seeks to collaborate with agitators of Kudankulam nuclear project but have never expressed any opinion about Indo-US nuclear deal] and push us commercially backward by another few decades because US also does not want two highly populated,educated youth filled powerful economies in Asia,namely China and India -

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