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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Romance of words and its manipulators and media.

Romance of words  and its manipulators and media.

1] As a polyglot I witness with glee the grand strides a word takes, because of the suppleness and substantial survival value, in the course of its evolution acquiring a carapace of connotations.

2] This makes sincere preachers, philosophers and scientist to spend reams and reams of paper or lot of time in first ‘defining’ the meaning of the word through which what they are trying to say or want to say or communicate.

3] Very often these connotations also feed a profession called legal profession which thrives on camouflaging and cleverly interpreting or manipulating cases through verbal diarrhea? 

4] Word sometimes carry within it some affinity to its etymological root; sometimes it gets exalted due to the deft handling of it by great writers, philosophers , linguists etc; sometimes it gets struck up in some vital context; sometimes it also act as the very fulcrum of certain contexts; sometimes it unfolds hitherto unraveled different dimensions of its original meaning; sometimes it exquisitely spreads its wings to fly and catch the subtle nuances which bring out the various facets of its overall splendor ; sometimes it embellishes and establishes through experiences or thoughts newer meanings; sometimes a newer connotation gets added to the word in its journey through how it is perceived by socio- cultural acceptance and assimilation; sometimes it establishes its life because of its relationship to some other words or as a part of a popular idiom or phrase; sometimes it keeps modifying itself aesthetically to survive or supplement some specific situation; sometimes it unshackles its fetters and acquires several new meanings totally disconnected from its original DNA to sustain the life of something else whose survival/life it is supposed to enhance and expand beyond recognition of both its own original identity and that of what it refers to and in the process getting totally delinked from its very root [ as in the case of the word ‘religion’]; sometimes its plasticity is optimally used to refer to a multitude of emotions, feelings, situations etc some of which could be even totally contradictory; sometimes its elastically expands to give space in its womb to give birth to a new jargon or a new idiom or a new phrase; sometimes it gets married to some other word/s  and in its proliferation of love lives to copulate and cohabit with a stranger quiet oblivious of its own identity in that romantic movement.

5] But sometimes because of her innocent, pleasant and hospitable nature she is abused and raped by sloganeering ideologists [who seek to establish some ‘ism’ misusing her], publicity peddlers, propaganda pushers, religious zealots, mass opinion molders, brainwashing brigands, scandal mongering media mafia, political manipulators etc.

6] Through parochial, prejudiced and puerile definitions they are used to putrefy the cultural fabric of the society to destroy national unity by creating divisions among people and society which has been holding people together as very humane social beings living in harmony with nature even without institutional control.

7] Master manipulators resort to constant propaganda by abusing and misusing words through sloganeering and blind labeling to petrify human thinking and thereby suppress humanity’s mental development.

8] All of these are done to ensure people are kept constantly busy struggling for their survival materially and striving for a social unity and they are castrated of their independent thinking through manipulating vocabulary which is purposefully mutilated beyond recognition and thus majority are prevented from even thinking otherwise and the whole media is a big culprit in this strategy of frenzied sabotage involving a treble murder of material, social and psychological growth.

9]  All perpetrators and promoters of  homogenization and mass  mania promoters,  authoritarian  control  freaks  have  used very effectively these ploys of words to mesmerize  and manipulate  to institutionalize and promote most religious belief systems,  divisive  political ‘ isms’, propagate certain  economic systems,  perpetuate  certain traditions etc.

10] That way we human beings have been heartless to many words .

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