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Monday, January 27, 2014

Political lessons from AAP's theatrics, media obsession and our wasting too much of time discussing the disgusting AAP but you cannot ignore a malefic cancer

Political lessons from AAP's theatrics, media obsession and our wasting too much of time discussing the disgusting AAP but you cannot ignore a malefic cancer.

1. Yes it is good for movies to show one's angst against any of the irritating social systems and throws up great heroes like Amitabh when he portrayed the unemployed youth in the 70s but if you are trying to put up an act in real politics then that by itself is a big corruption.

2. You need to wait for anything to happen even for the birth of a child you just cannot have sex and expect delivery the next day it happens only in films

3. Educated people will not be frustrated and frustrated people are not educated, they are all academically inadequately qualified, if adequately qualified they will be busy with their profession and not waste their time with AAP tamasa.

4] Ak 's primary slogan was anti corruption or at least that was the platform that Anna created and AK misused to his opportunistic advantage

5] Touch your heart and search your senses and tell me is it correct using such a platform to align with congress , the epicenter of corruption

6] Do not generalize all political parties or all politicians as corrupt that will be good for film script dialogues of Ramana of Vijayakanth or Shivaji of Rajni kanth or bhatcha of Rajini after two hours you get an illusion of solution to all your social problems and the next day you know the fact that Rajini earned some 200 crores and you lost some 500 Rs for tickets, petrol and popcorn at least you would have had the pleasure of seeing two masala numbers by scantily clad damsels whirling to some high decibel nonsense of noise called film music .

7] This ship up booted out does not happen always  if you have been following politics closely  it was during NDA the country had for the first time something known as good highways, high level of employment and more institutes of higher education and highly managed price control but then the same bunch of leftist Leninist Marxist Naxal supporting so called socialist parties supported and put UPA to power next time it was another looter DMK who did it.

8] Politics is not as simple as announcing populist schemes, making public speeches, distributing freebies, taking foreign funds clandestinely through NGOs with anti national agenda, making anti national pronouncements, engaging in sedition, keeping a grave silence about the corruption of a particular family knowing well if AK makes any move against Robert Vadra, or Sonia then AK’s family members will disappear one by one under  mysterious circumstances [ if he has balls I dare him to do that , at least make a statement about the dubious deals of Robert Vadra if he is really sincere, then I will work for AAP

9] AAP suffers from selective amnesia and collective indifference combined with proactive road shows a very highly intoxicating cocktail to be prohibited for youth

10] He is so focused in his personal agenda that he forgets to salute the national flag as a CM on republic day, mind you in any other country he would have been stoned to death for that, at least that shows his  scant respect for the nation.

11] Most importantly we as a nation are used to some psychological fallacies falling a prey to illusions combined with a pride in our ancient history of our past glory and forget the most important idioms of  modern democratic governments which can promote both civilization and progressive economic development , two fundamental aspects among the many vital factors of modern decent life. You may also read []

12] These two most important idioms, overlooked even from pre-independence period are governance and overall economic development which will automatically deliver the benefits to all sections of the society, there is no need to talk of nonsensical media labels as ‘inclusive growth’ etc as all measures are always meant only for overall growth and not exclusive growth, except of course in the case of Viagra, where it is meant for exclusive growth.

13] When those idioms are in place then there will be naturally a national pride, real patriotic fervor coupled with a sense of adherence to rules etc as is the case in USA and many European countries which will attract others also but unfortunately, even most of the pioneers who steered the freedom struggle in India and who were or ought to have been aware, as they got educated in UK, namely Mahatma Gandhi and Nehru, failed to even give a minor importance to that.
[Killer aps

14] While Mahatma was busy propagating his credential as a semi saint following quasi ascetic life styles appealing to the masses, Nehru was busy holding on to his chair and scheming in keeping away competitors for the prime ministerial  post a] DR. Ambedkar  [ he did a major contribution through drafting the constitution]  b] Vallabhai Patel [who did a major contribution uniting  the princely states  to make this great real estate space called India the wonderful federal big democratic country with many shared values and varied cultures] and c] Silencing Rajaji and Babu Rajendra Prasad by assigning them titular posts. You may also read []

15] Without doubt there are three Chief Ministers who have done that in recent times in MP, GOA and Gujarath and of these in Gujarath it is extraordinary, in all areas from agriculture, rural development, electricity, water supply, industrial development, higher education, communal harmony, employment generation, exports, tourism etc.

16] Chandra Babu Naidu enhanced Andra’s presence in IT which gave jobs to many educated people of Andra.

17] Way back Karunanidhi improved public transport so well that Tamil Nadu has the best public transport system anywhere in the country. M.G.R. encouraged higher educational institutions and hospitals as a rest Tamil Nadu has the maximum number of engineering colleges[ many good ones] and many good hospitals.

Jayalalitha introduced rain water harvesting schemes that has helped Tamil nadu come out of the decades of cursed water scarcity problem and now has introduced AMMA canteens which helps the poor immensely.

18] The media must busy themselves by giving more publicity to these developmental activities in different states rather than running behind publicity seeking road shows in the few streets of Delhi.

19] It is so pathetic that in such a vast country anything gets noticed only if it is a road show in some streets of Delhi that I too as a leader of a national organization with members from Kashmir to kanyamuri organized a street show of dharna in Parliament Street in 2011.

20] I even get a feeling that the media cameras and reporters move out of their studios and the capital only when there is an accident, or a small child falls into a bore well or a rape takes place in other parts of the country.

21] Unfortunately our information input and subconsciously opinion molding is both done by these popular media houses who too suffer from selective amnesia and collective indifference. Let us not fall a prey to that. You may also read of relevance to the last 4 points

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