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Saturday, January 4, 2014


The author is wrong in the very title itself. Unless you have the correct definition you can be always wrong. It is not Indian intelligentsia; it is a minority of academically qualified people misusing and abusing the platform of media both print and audio –visual, manifesting their two ailments one verbal diarrhea, sometimes noisy most of the times nasty, and two irresistible itch to sit on judgment on everyone and everything by twisting facts or suppressing facts to suit their opinions which are invariably aimed at seeking cheap popularity.
The same common sense is slowly but surely going to kick away media houses which project, pamper and promote such puerile persons and putrefying propaganda peddlers. Unfortunately most popular media houses are infested with these types of creatures. So please do not label them as Indian Intelligentsia it is an insult to India as well as wrong usage of the word Intelligentsia for people who do not even attempt to understand.
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