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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

superstitions and blind faith

I am a Hindu but that does not mean that we have to blindly follow or justify everything because we are caught up in some cage of identity. If someone points out some superstition or irrelevant practice or insignificant activity in terms of human body, mind and spirit and environment then we must acknowledge that what we have been doing or claiming as a virtue could be or is wrong.

Only then the religion and the people following it will evolve. In fact you must do it more happily because you are born in a religion Sanathana Dharma which allowed also carvaka philosophy which almost advocated atheism when the word atheism itself did not exist in any language.[ and]

I read this morning a comment by one Dave in UK "We have worked out that the earth is billions of years old. If Jesus is the son of God, the Bible wouldn't describe the earth as a few thousand years old and there wouldn't be so many other factual errors. Common sense tells you that, if the writers didn't know any more than the smart guys of the day, there is no need to look for a supernatural explanation. We may not be able to prove God doesn't exist, but we *have* proved the Bible to be wrong on many fundamental points (even theologians agree). Belief based on the Bible is untenable."[]

Let us not become slaves of our identity or tradition and instead experience and enjoy life by living it and also let others have the same privilege.

That's why I have written this essay as my new year message

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