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Friday, January 31, 2014

Academic industry

Your article is indeed revealing and highlighting a very pathetic and parochial obsession and fixation that goes on in the name of academic business bazaar [I would not like to call that either as even knowledge business or education]. It is a chronic disease worse than a malign cancer because I don’t see any permanent cure.

But then I decided being a 50 plus chap that I should not jump to conclusions and find out why something is so? However good or bad it is? Or however much it is against your liking?

In everyone’s life if we observe we end up doing what we want to do? What we are capable of doing? And, of course, a particular situation or quirk of fate forces us to, called what we are destined to do? While we cannot have much say or control over the last one , at least we must deal with the  first two, in our terms.

Predominantly it is this triad and our actions and reactions to this triad that leads us to do many things.

Our psychology works on not only based on what we define or how we define a particular thing/s or entity/entities as, here for example academic steam, happiness, aptitude, interest etc but also how the societal pressure prejudices our fallibility of being not so fully well informed, possessing, because of the age factor less experience based knowledge and this army of external forces may end up pushing us, the innocent and /or ignorant victims into wells of socially accepted streams of success or failure.
This is not confined to either the field of academics alone or parental pressure alone, but it is a sort of vicious circle wherein the parents want to bring their children in procrustean beds and they do so, sometimes, with good intentions because they themselves are under societal pressures to do so.

Everything must be viewed in context and Indian context the academics are many things none which have anything to do with the academics itself? It is about being a passport to get a well paid or socially respected job followed by being an acceptable commodity in the matrimonial market followed by being viewed as having a decent image in society it goes even to when you go to seek admission for your child where starting from the school principal to the L.K.G teacher will smile and take care of your child if they know that you have a professional degree suffixed or affixed to your name.    
I have written lots of things many interconnected topics with this one I think I would provide the links in my blog which you may read when you find time.
For this New Year I wrote this essay

reaction to the article

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