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Monday, December 30, 2013

Life or product

                    Life or product
From the time I am born I become a product for my society, unfortunately even for my parents. I need to be told how to behave which includes as to how to sit, how to comb my hair, what dress to wear, never to argue, listen to all advises from all corners.

The justification of my not being allowed to lead a life and live a life is purportedly because ultimately I must be dispatched as a proper product -good looking, well educated, earning enough, well behaved [which means being silent and putting up a half smile that too only when allowed], aware of and agreeing to all the traditional and religious requirements [visiting temples or churches and be thorough with the religious scriptures irrespective of whether I understand them, like them or follow them] and social obligations [which means never to get in touch with my old friends of both sexes and to put on only sanctioned hair styles and approved attire] and family obligations [which require that I lose even the right to visit my own parents].
I hope by now all of you have identified the product it is the girl child meant for a probable and unknown customer to whom sometimes she is offered with additional incentives [ it is like if you buy  car you take a TV free] like dowry.

This customer may use me as a software to fulfill the required apps of his life like cooking for him, begetting him a child, taking care of the child, nowadays earn as well, and sometimes worse still, taking care of his entire family [like his mother, father, brothers and sisters etc] or use me as an hardware, or a monitor, or a mouse, or a keyboard or a mere laptop bag, or a chair to sit on and do his work.

Still from time immemorial the whole bunch of this androcentric {1} society [consisting of fervent preachers of women’s liberation freedom etc] has had no qualms about creating and using this product and in many cases the products themselves willingly worked up to great levels to satisfy the customers and in many cases the worst enemies of women have been other women.

I appeal through this write up to all the parents to start treating the daughters as human beings with freedom to have their own right to explore, experience and enjoy life as they want to, of course ensuring to help them, guide them when required and honor their wishes too.

In your enthusiasm to create a proper product for the matrimonial market do not deprive the girls the joys of living and deny yourself the joy of loving them grow and watch their soul blossom freely and experience the joy of life.

For all the unbiased observers nature is taking a sweet revenge that more and more girls are born who are outshining and outwitting their male counter parts and I have no doubt  that woman power may gradually start making a more  assertive as well as amiable contribution for human development.

I am a life by myself neither to be groomed for the matrimonial requirements nor a broom to clean up others miseries.
By nature I can reciprocate love and live.

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