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Friday, December 13, 2013

can Arvind kejeriwal answer these questions

can Arvind kejeriwal answer these questions

Arvind kejeriwal being an IRS cadre did not attend his duties for 4 years without notice and worked for some NGO got  some big awards. He accepted the crime and paid the penalty of few lakhs as stipulated by law and on top of it getting pension for that non attendance and who is he to talk of corruption. Isn't the corruption enough?

2] Is it not corruption to use funds collected for Anna Hazare movement for promoting his political career? 
3] I
s it not corruption to use 
people from 
 Anna Hazare movement
 for his political party when Anna was against formation of any political outfit?

4] If he wants to reduce electricity tariff by 50% only for Delhites what about the rest of the country? He is bothered only about Delhi and not India

5] If he plans to give 700 litres of water free for delhites is it per person,per household, per ration card, per apartment, per plot and how is he or who is going to monitor all these? and from where is he going to get this water? and 

6] What happens to that area from where he is going to get this water?

​7] Isn't making too many tall populist promises to one small city in the whole country without ​bothering about the exchequer itself a corruption?

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