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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

AAP phenomenon the positives and negatives

The AAP phenomenon the positives and negatives
The big positive of AAP is that it has given hope to middle class educated youth that they can take to politics also as a profession.

If you just follow certain events there is a pattern to it. Only thing is we must discern that pattern.

Leading a group of slogan shouting youth with justifiable angst is one thing forming part of a very visible end of the spectrum, which strives for an ideological identity after sometime especially more so if that  angst has been against everything around, almost a sign of frustration fuelling the flames, which can get very good TRP rates and brownie points with the media but the other extreme side of the spectrum which is less visible, sometimes even murky, is that of  getting into sincere politics which mainly involves governance , a very complicated one in the present day involving reasonable adjustments and give and take here and there sometimes even big compromises in the overall long term interests of the institution, in this context it is the state or union government you are likely to  rule or be part of the governing process.

For this you need a much matured, not emotionally charged, team with not only knowledge and urge to do things but also some amount of experienced persons in the team as well.

You can be propelled to prominence or power through emotionally charged single issue/agenda but that won’t sustain you and gradually you tend to get by carried away by the attention and popularity and that to sustain that power you end up resorting to all sorts of tricks much worse than those that you criticized and attacked before.

V.P. Singh was propelled by only one agenda, Anti-Bofors, anti Rajiv sentiments, he capitalized on that and was propelled to power, in his case he already had experience, knowledge etc but once that interest in Anti-Bofors faded to retain power he injected  Mandal commission and ended up very vague not knowing what he was doing and ultimately totally moved away from politics and history will never forgive him for introducing an unwarranted reservation just to capture votes.

Best way to fight corruption is to fight it in the courts through proper litigation. Lokpal bill implementation cannot be the only agenda, though an important one, that too, in the form and scope in which Anna Hazare wants it, is pure impractical and irrational idealism.

Coming to another issue, morally and ethically, Anna Hazare was consciously sincere but was gradually led to be confused starting from the first day of his agitation when he had the back drop of Bharath Matha’s picture then was made to switch over to Gandhi’s picture, a preferred brand by the left infested media. He never wanted a political party. In a way Arvind Kejeriwal high jacked the movement to his advantageand capitalized the anti congress votes as in Tamil Nadu E.V.R and Rajaji both had anti congress views,  E.V.R started the anti Brahmin or Dravidian movement and which was high jacked by DMK and both the DK that E.V.R started and the Jansangh that Rajaji aligned with faded behind the screens.

Irrespective of whichever profession you take up especially out of your own interest and hope that you can do something in that profession, you don’t start off by blaming everyone else in that profession as ineffective, useless, corrupt etc.

How can AAP you make sweeping general statements about other big parties as if real politics is like the antics of film scripted heroes punch dialogues or pet slogans on certain issues. How can you blindly sweep under the carpet many good schemes done and introduced by leaders like P.V.Narasimha Rao of congress in the interest of economic development or vajpayee’s infrastructural developments, recently Modi’s great works of economic development in all domains of the state, or Taron Gogoi of Assam managing a state which was almost under the clutches of secessionist outfits.

So this AAP seems more like a bunch of half baked, Indian brand of Marxist leftist propaganda mechanism which unfortunately has many friends in the media and have lost even in the only state where they [ I mean CPM] ruled and that is the state with the least development. Hope you understand that. what is welcome is educated sincere youth, out side the dynasties, jumping into the political arena with good intention but that must not be anchored on a single agenda of only criticizing blindly all other political outfits as if AAP is the only do all and worthy all party ever to have emerged. They are just another political party with no ideological identity or idea about governance whatsoever.

I have read a story where a rich very old couples resort to abusing all those around out of frustration and also out of arrogance of their wealth, then a clever driver of the couple not only takes possession of the vehicle which he was driving for the couple for more than a decade but also takes every other servant or worker in the house and they all end up fighting over the wealth.

All these are the result of a Prime Minister who does not know who runs the government whether Ahamed Patel , or Sharad Pawar, or P. Chidambaram or Kapil Sibal or Sekar Gupta or NAC or Farook Abdulla or Karunanidhi at least he must know who runs the government when he knows he is not running it. This idiot Manmohan Singh is worse than a drunken dad to a family at least he will be aware what is his family when he is sober.


Ranganathan V said...

very thoughtful analysis of this development; very responsibly written;
I subscribe to your view

elkaypee said...

Wonderful analysis. A lesson for AAP and all of us! Having said this, we need a real alternative to the existing set-up. Any workable solution?