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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Synergy not subjective opinions matters

 1. Individual and subjective opinions do not matter in serious  issues. 

2. Yes till date undoubtedly, India is the global pharmacy that anyone and everyone in the healthcare industry anywhere in the world  knows. 

3. Yes, there are too many things wrong with our nation, with every political party, faith, ideology. So, are every nation.

4. There are also many positives in every nation and everything mentioned above.

5. There are nations, including USA where in many states they are abysmally running short of hospital beds , ventilators and even PPE kits and masks . 

6. Every individual must act responsibly.

7. It is easy to cheery pick , criticize and find fault with whatever is being done or not done.

8. Nothing absolves any government or individuals or political parties or religious outfits of any irresponsible acts. 

9. I always feel that instead of subjective introspection we must resort to self introspection and collective responsible behaviour. 

10. If we follow human evolution , which means evolution of everything bio, psycho, socio-, politico, scientific aspects without the interventions and instructions from religious, political, ideological basis ,  everything changes inevitably, incrementally, inexorably, gradually, spontaneously ..." Through the interactions of millions not by the designs or plans of a few". 

11. We must look out for positive synergy between us and everything in the outer world rather than viewing anything with bias ( for or against), animosity, confrontation as that will only eat up our mind space and lead to negative mindset.

12. While evaluating or judging anyone or anything let us avoid these things and while exploring the facts we must desist getting distracted from the following major traps:-

1. Mutilating the facts,

2. Analyzing them with preconceived notions or prejudices,

3. Generalizing the particular and particularizing the general,

4. Approaching facts with unloving criticism or uncritical love,

5. Evaluating facts with our pet isms or philosophies,

6. Resorting to statistical justifications,

7. Unleashing unworkable utopia,

8. Mask them with logical fallacies,

9. Bury them in pleasant jargons, and

10. Give historical justifications.

11.Uncritical love or unloving criticism.

12.  Over simplifying the complex or over complicating the simple.

13. Blind beliefs or blatant rejection without looking into the merit.

14 . Looking for trade off in everything is not wrong but we must also look at what reciprocal contribution we do or intend doing.

15. We cannot deligate personal responsibility to others.

16. Most parts of humanity realized the importance of self help during lockdown.

17. Everything under the sun need not be politicized as a conspiracy by a few or a manipulation by some or accredited to religious intervention as miracles.

18. The world does not operate in binaries of left or right, religious or irreligious, right or wrong, believers or non believers, capitalism or communism there are too many things ( many of them very nice) beyond, besides, behind, beneath, above and all around these binaries.

19. Fundamentally the universe is not earth centric , earth is not human centric, humanity is not any specific or particular ideology​/nation centric ( be it religious, political, economic, social).

20. Everything or everyone is either equally important or useless depending on what we expect or how we relate with them.

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