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Tuesday, May 4, 2021


Criticisms,  analysis, logical counterargument are the warp and weft of the evaluation and learning process leading to evolution. 

Instead of looking at them as part of that process and resorting to tergiversating is a sign of lack of confidence or conviction in what one says or wants.

Don't  presume the ruling party is dismissing anything as any leaning vacuous intellectualism. But the rueing seniors of a party know it is more about both actual and intellectual vacuum due to a whole party leaning on a family.

It is not silence but supply of sensational sound bites by only a particular family to lurid headline grabbing​​ reporters or loitering lobbyists and flying by night not bothering about the plight of the party is what is shackling the party seniors not any other ramshackle or ram shaking the sunken boat.

The bossy insolent, the royal 'we' ( meaning not the party but the family) spilling rodomontade  may condescend to defend provided he or she is able to understand someone who is more keen on parading his  sesquipedian loquaciousness rather than addressing  issues with serious intentions.

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