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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Astrology and ambivalence

 While most of us relate with an uncomfortable ambivalent hesitation towards astrology ( perhaps, rightly so) we must realize that irrespective ​​of the explanations or interpretations of astrology the dynamics of nature evolve and operate unmindful of human beliefs, faiths, hopes, aspirations, dreams, plans, wishes etc. 

This must be an humbling experience for humans to notice and to acknowledge at least now that the universe is not earth centric and the earth is not human centric. 

However, some advantages, perhaps that human beings have, are to be used for the welfare of all, like conscious awareness, ability to understand intellectually the happenings, record , recollect and communicate through understandable medium, learn from every impact and stay better prepared to encounter similar situation in future ( though we all wish it never occurs in our life time).

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