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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Evolved citizens only when

 Yes this thankless ungrateful attitude, sometimes even betrayal.

This makes one wonder of what use is all the philosophies which are sprinkled in every realm about the 'values' based on moral high ground? 

We take everything for granted but when granted and get it we brush it off as our entitlement and act as if we are doing a favor for being available to receive the bounties. This is there everywhere on one side and on the other side some act as privileged lord's who can throw their weight around by any means and get things done.

There are no basic human gestures of gratitude and appreciation , even if there is no recognition. 

We have developed a collective national psychology of criticising and questioning everything except our own attitudes and contributions.

We don't value many simple and humane things which are more vital for cohabitation rather than elaborate rituals. I know people may get offended when I say this. I say it purposely, because Indians don't take care of the elders in their own family but will do all sorts of fanfare​​ for funeral and post funeral rituals for years on and give lengthy discourse on that, this happens in most regions of many religions in India.

We can claim to be better evolved citizens only when we respect scientific approaches, exhibit rational attitude, manifest humanitarianism and adopt a cosmopolitan outlook which respects everyone's talents, time and trade-offs which cannot be compromised and taken for granted.

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