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Monday, May 3, 2021


 Mass literacy, like democracy or anti-biotic, is accepted for want of a better alternative and sometimes we adopt it in totality as if it is the only method or succumb to it and unfortunately it also becomes  inevitable in certain circumstances.

However, within it or along with it or beyond it we can always play around.

Until and unless we have better alternatives or keep trying for better alternatives or at least allow space to think of better alternatives and also ensure to make the vested interest groups involved in promoting certain methods  all great thoughts, ideas and speeches will remain as unfertilized potential eggs pandering to  few moments of sensational titillation.

This also , invariably happens because of our utter disgust with existing systems we tend to oversimplify or over generalize extremely complicated and complex issues which is  as bad or little less  as those who have been trying to homogenize human beings, especially their psychological aspirations, feelings and creativity .


All these emanate as a result of a fundamentally wrong perspective based on bias towards homogenization and uniformity.

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