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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Compatibility, Astrology

 Ha ha true. Academically a lot​​ of things are very interesting when we study astrology as a subject as the enormous permutations it makes us to take into consideration while evaluating.

At least it prepares us to accept, to adjust and to compromise on various issues ascribing them to poor stars or constellations. 

However, when in reality we face certain things which cannot be deciphered through astrology, we are forced to rethink either our knowledge of or our application of the science is faulty or the science by itself may suffer from various inadequacies. 

This makes our approach to astrology definitely ambivalent. 

In the present context neither individual horoscopes nor the mundane astrology can explain the Covid impact.

We can discuss any theory or idea or belief in detail, but 'when trumped by hard facts, then we must be ready to wave the white flag'. 

Nothing can be claimed with axiomatic certainty as 100% perfect and hence likely to be valid forever  barring a few exceptions (  this has been witnessed even in many well proven theories, measurements, well experimented scientific facts- refer to  
101 Things You Don't Know about Science and No One Else Does Either - BY JAMES TREFIL just three samples).
Compatibility, in my opinion, is more a matter of having an attitude of adjustment and a mentality to tolerate and to accept other people's freedom.

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