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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Narrow perspectives and binaries

You are correct but too brief in your blame which is not enough for these chaps.

Communists will use microscope, telescope, stethoscope etc, to see and to listen to all faults and shortcomings in everyone else. 

They will describe them as  motivated  practices and ascribe to and project them on their targets.

Their fault find could be on anything from

Religions ( worshipping Marx is excluded)

Political ideologies ( including real socialism promoted by non labelled and non branded communist circles);

Economic systems, they will cry foul against capitalism ( but silently suck benefits from all aspects capitalism);

Democracy's shortcomings on  democratic rights ( but never conduct impartial elections in any of their outfits be they students' unions, trade unions, their left over pockets of political outfits);

Institutional misuse and inadequacies they will expose but always misuse many academic institutions of higher studies all over the world.

The mechanisms of roadside puerile interpretations,  mechanics and communists are similar in that they blame and find fault with everyone else like the manufacturer, user,  service rendered by previous mechanic  and with these buffers of blame , if at all, they get a chance to do anything at either macro or at micro level with humanity and society , they will ensure both humanity and society are LEFT poorer in many aspects but recharged richer with some slogans, catchy phrases, exaggerated discriminations and ensuring the existence of those exaggerations through extrapolations, perpetuating their putrefied perceptions and puerile interpretations to prop up their petrified ideology which lives in the hearts and minds of luddites.

Having said all these, societies must become cosmopolitan enough and comfortable enough not to waste energy and time on trying to defend or deny either of the two extremes Right and Left.

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