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Sunday, May 9, 2021

Morals, social discipline , ethics who must decide and why ?

Everyone knows the mantra in biology 'ontogeny reflects phylogeny' individual brain development reflects evolution.

Most institutions empowered with drafting morals and ethics ( mostly religiously prescribed and/or politically sanctioned through law till now) have not factored in and then,  balanced the following aspects:- humanitarianism, sensitivity to other species and environment, respect for science and fundamental normal rationalism with enough room for fun, enjoyment, adventure, explorative , imaginative, creative instincts  etc.

Unbridled license as freedom at too young an age ( though temporarily enjoyable) and excessive restrictions in the name of irrelevant disciplines ( though can produce stereotyped functioning robots) can harm the development of both the individual as well as the society. 

So, proper nuanced regulation of behaviour without hampering growth of a plasticity of the brain can happen when scientifically qualified neurologists, psychiatrists, psychologists and evolutionary biologists, social scientists frame the dos and don'ts, then it would factor in scientifically the plasticity of the brain and how human brain develops through the connections it makes and how it relates till it becomes stable as a crystallized one with all its accumulated knowledge and prejudices. 

In the absence of these we have prescriptions in the name of morals, each institution inserting and removing activities according to their versions of right and wrong and spills over everything from dress to the way one sits to the way one responds to natural physical and emotional issues etc.

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