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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Krishna gives 5 important teachings to the world In mahabharata

In mahabharata lord Krishna given 5 important teaching to the world. krishna give some teaching listed below

nishkAma-svadharmAcaraNaM : Doing one’s duty without any attachment to either the fruits thereof or to the act itself in terms of doership.

advaita-bhAvanA-sahita bhakti : Dedication and devotion to the Supreme with an attitude of non-duality of the Supreme

sama-dRshTi through brahma-bhAvanA : An equanimous view of the universe gained by a constant awareness of the omnipresent brahman

indriya-nigrahaM and yoga-sAdhanA: The senses to be put in their place and deliberate efforts to be consistently made to transcend the senses as well as rid oneself of all attachment

SaraNAgati : The principle of surrender to the divine of everything that one calls his own and living up to that surrender.

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