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Friday, December 9, 2011


Do not waste your time writing and worrying about pseudo intellectuals like
ECK and do not make them more notorious by discussing about them or what
they are supposed to stand for .

Please do not worry. The day will come sooner than later when the whole
world realizes and raises to deal with the real menace that emanates from
terrorists and their actions more so their ideology which gets percolated
into a whole community of innocent younger generation and which can have a
very drastic and negative impact on society as whole. The victims of this
madness are everyone all good muslims and there are many of them , all
Hindus all Sikhs, all Jews etc and people like ECK who eke out a living
from their cozy pseudo intellectual podiums will not have the gall to make
similar comments when Christianity is at the receiving end because it was
they who taught the world to propagate religion through violence starting
from crusade the pioneer of jihad, inquisition and what not. So do not
worry. The day is never far away for these pseudo intellectuals to get
exposed because they have neither principles nor perception nor proper
cultural orientation nor value based mooring in any heritage. They live in
a world of half baked theory churning industry called academics.The
saddest part is such a mafia of pseudo intellectuals have gained enough
clout within Harvard and this is not at all healthy for the image of
such prestigious institute. 

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