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Tuesday, December 13, 2011



Dr. Babu Suseelan
Friday, July 8, 2011
In recent days, the discovery of priceless treasure at the vault of
Shri Padmanabha Swami Temple at Thiruananthapuram has led to an
outpouring of discussion. The world media is replete with findings of
Gold ornaments, emeralds, precious stones, expensive diamonds, and
gold coins and jewels worth more than 150000 cores found at the
Temple. The news is essentially true. The facts and figures are real.
The findings of enormous and precious treasure at the temple have led
to outpouring of political rhetoric including sickening calls from
atheists, Marxist anarchists, and phony secularists for confiscating
the temple treasure. Bogus secular bureaucrats from the anti national
congress government have questioned the need to preserve the temple
treasure under the management of Shri Padmananbha Swami temple. For
anti Hindus, such assertion may sound reasonable and believable. Some
Jihadi Muslims and few perverted secularists want the temple findings
to be transferred to the government museum. The anti Hindu the
Islamic and the Marxist media, no matter how blurred their vision may
be, are eager to transfer temple treasure to museums for ideological
reasons. Their pronouncement is so crude in a quasi-Marxist way that
is embarrassing.

We know that Islam thrived by forceful possession of someone’s
wealth. Islamic invasion, looting of Hindu temple wealth, destruction
of Hindu temple are too numerous to mention. There will always be
Islamic brutes who will attempt to rob Hindu temple treasures. Hindus
should guard against thinking lightly of this Islamic phenomenon
merely on account of its initial painfulness and ugliness. Marxists
and Islamists are at work against Hindutva on a greater scale. Their
goal is to create bad conscience and build negative ideals. The bad
conscience of the phony secularists, Marxists and Jihadis is an
illness. The illness increases whenever they issue perverted
statements for insulting Hindus. It is sickness, beyond any doubt,
the most terrible sickness that has ever raged.

I do not think the discovery of vast treasure, precious jewels and
valuable gold coins is sufficiently appreciated by the Islamic and
Marxist media and phony secular elites at large. The unusual
discovery has also baffled several anti Hindu bureaucrats. Many
scholars, historians, archeologists, and Hindu leaders have made
serious and brilliant explanations of the findings and the need to
preserve it, protect it under Hindus for Shri Padmanabha Swami

The pseudo secular and Jihadi groups that favor government
interference have a special interest in this matter which contradicts
interests of Hindus. They are not interested in discussing Hajj
subsidy, special privileges for Muslims and Christians and the anti
Hindu policies of the pseudo secular government. They are promoting
the ‘sinister’ of those who stand to gain and to benefit from special
privileges at the expense of the Hindu community.

Few misguided opportunists and phony secularists have issued
statements against preserving the temple treasure under Hindu
management or for preserving Hindu Dharm and promoting temple
culture. They want the temple treasure to be distributed to the poor.
These miscreants claim that they issued statements for public
interest. These anti national elements have issued ant Hindu
statements not based on justice, equality, freedom or fairness. Their
public pronouncements are based on false theories which allow them to
avoid giving any concrete defense of their misguided statements. The
public interest is a vacuous concept which allows phony secular
politicians and bureaucrats to avoid giving any concrete defense of
their policies.

Each day’s newspaper brings illogical arguments, false theories and
general rhetoric in favor of looting Hindu treasures. At the moment
all this shows is that these considerations are not valued by
devotees of Shri Padmananbha Swami. These anti Hindu bogus secular-
Marxists and Muslim media and civil servants find it a handy smoke-
screen to cover their Hindu hatred. It can be deduced that most of
the phrases in discussion must be either fraudulent or vacuous. Their
true interest lies somewhere else.

The objection to such perverted assertion is based on historical,
political, economic and religious grounds -- are too numerous to
mention. Hindu temples have experienced historical vicissitudes that
relatively make them vulnerable institutions under the pseudo secular
government. Hindu temples are currently undergoing severe scrutiny
from a variety of government sources. Most observers seem to agree
that the problem of Hindu temples is of crisis proportions. The
diagnosis is based largely on the fact that temple funds are looted
by atheists, pseudo secularists and Marxist bureaucrats. The costs of
daily temple program and maintenance of temples are increasing

Shri Padmanabha Swami temple wealth which I believe ought to be
interpreted by a new look with both historical and contemporary
issues. Hindus must speak and act on important issues that affect
their present and future life. There are some issues which will
probably always be important to Hindus such as the preservation of
Hindu Dharm, protection of Hindu temples, and the problem created by
the Marxist, Jihadi, Christian, pseudo secular nexus against

The public interest demands the preservation and protection of Shri
Padmannabha Swami Temple wealth in Hindu hands. The pseudo secular
government must yield to the public interest. The vested interest
group, under free speech is just merely urging private interest.
Criticizing Hindus in some ways is not part of the right of free
speech. Freedom of speech does not mean that one can say just
anything absurd.

Advising that Hindus only must share devotee offering to God to the
government, which is so dangerous is not covered by freedom of
speech. Justice demands that Hindu temples must be liberated from the
clutches of atheist, Marxists, and bogus secular government.

Hindus know all that needs to be done to convert government policies
from a festering sore in the social tissue of Hindus into a community
in which fairness, justice and equal opportunity can take place.
Hindus must be active and assertive and question the government and
challenge about the basic political and social principles favoring
only Muslims and Christians.

Our task is to create a state in which Hindus will not survive but
will also flourish. Hindu organizations and Hindu spiritual leaders
must address the good will to civilizing the barbarous pseudo secular
political system. In the final analysis, the central ingredient in
any solution to stop looting of temple wealth is free Hindu temples
from government control. It is essential Hindus must join together
and step into put pressure on the government to liberate Hindu
temples. Hindus must be active in the political process and subject
to critical analysis the leading traditional theory of justification
for Islamic and Christian appeasement and special privileges and
interference of Hindu temples. Hindus must question... On what
conditions Hindus are discriminated in a democracy. It is important
in its own right. The question has additional significance, such as
those concerning Hajj subsidy, Shania law, and Christian family law
instead of civil code. These questions have, of course, been much
more than theoretical interest in the recent experience of Hindus in

The discovery of precious treasure at Shri Padmanabha Swami Temple
and the pseudo secular demand for confiscating temple treasure for
the government is not an isolated incident but as part of a political
system to wipe out Hindutva. This is a typical instance of what is
grievously with secular India. Hindus should initiate new way of
thinking to participate in political process rather than going back
to sleep. It is time for Hindus to join together and make profound
qualitative change for a new epoch in our history. The irrational,
primitive and vindictive policies of the government are meant to
please organized Muslims and Christians and their foreign masters. No
wonder so many secular Hindus have fallen victims to such

A condition affecting a small segment of the population (Muslims and
Christens) is more likely to be considered as a national problem by
the bogus secular government even if it has adverse effects on the
rest of society. One factor that has undoubtedly contributed to this
is the lack of clout of Hindus. In contrast Muslims and Christians
are more politically active and assertive. Hindus become accustomed
to the prevailing levels of political domination of the Muslims and
Christians. But a sharp increase in the awareness of undesirable
conditions might leads to political participation of Hindus.

The bogus secular government often supports anti national Islamic and
missionary elite groups and oppose Hindu movements protecting Hindu
dharm, temples and universal spiritual values. The pseudo secular
government is more likely to define Hindu protest movement as
insurgency not as national movement to protect the nation from
corruption, undesirable conditions, subversive activities, looting,
black money, Jihadi terrorism and coercive religious conversion.

It is time for Hindus to take collective social action not infrequent
acts of highly deviant people like Maoist anarchists. Many passive
Hindus accept adverse conditions deliberately created by anti Hindu
forces as fatalistic and do not require collective social action.
They feel that their best interests are optimized by the status quo.
Apathetic Hindus may in principle support efforts to deal with the
social problem, but they feel, the assertive action being proposed
will not have any real effect on the problem.

It is time for Hindus to object anti national minority groups
imposing their ideology on to the majority. The majority Hindu
values, standards and our Dharm, not personal, capricious and
whimsical values of the minority must be used to determine our

End of forwarded message from Dr. Babu Suseelan

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