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Saturday, December 17, 2011


Great saints of India have always been suggesting and saying in so many different ways that life is a triad of body, mind and spirit/soul. Our process of usual identification is in that order body, then the mind and then if we manage to evolve further the soul/spirit. The process need not necessarily be in that same order. Invariably in time of crisis and chaos as also in times of extreme fear and excessive love we transcend very easily the very conscious awareness which very often gets us struck up with our body or intellect and instead we grasp the spirit which guides us through all obstacles. It is that spirit, the spirit of divinity if one may call so that inspires all great souls to achieve greatness. It is we who have unnecessarily fragmented this wholeness for our own convenience of petty perceptions through compartmentalized classifications and categorizations. So what is whole or the whole truth I would like to share a verse I wrote long back


Our life is an event occasional
In the grand universe eternal;
This single truth universal,
Religions classified as celestial and terrestrial,
Politicians divided this terrestrial, into occidental and oriental;
With our approaches skeptical, our perceptions parochial;
Our life span that is temporal, but our desire to lead a life eternal;
And with our ego’s incompatibility to cohabit with all
We settled for the smallest possible division, the grand Individual;
But even this small division of individual
Was further divided as male and female
Thus continues the rationale ‘fractional’.
Only when our vision becomes overall
We shall know that life is part and parcel of the whole.

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