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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Vedanta - How and Why?

There is a proper method of doing everything and if it is more advanced or sophisticated then the process, practice and performance everything has to be laser precision. The difference in sophistication is as between plucking a half broken nail or shaving a beard and a tumor inside the brain while both rituals involve cutting a part of the body in the latter it is very very complicated and the process has to be undertaken only by an expert with experience. In fact neuro surgery is the only field where you need to be 100% perfection even at the first operation.
Similar is the case when handling Vedas, for, most of it contains esoteric messages beneath the outer shell of linguistic communication purportedly received by enlightened souls in spiritual trance and reported subsequently to those whom they deemed would be fit enough to remember the essence, not merely the rituals in which they were encapsuled, and record it for ultimate spiritual, mental and physical emancipation of human race at a time when humanity was not divided by differences of religions, culture, nationality,race,political ideologies etc.
As such they are universally applicable for spiritual well being of any human being subject to existence of certain conditions if understood in proper perspective. No religion has any exclusive right on them nor is there any need to label it as a part of any religion; it is just plainly useful for human beings and the environment as a whole.
Human race has managed to or managing to understand only one out of its three essential parts, namely the physical aspect, the other two being the mental [made of consciousness, psyche, intellect etc] and spiritual [which includes everything –good, bad and ugly, that forms part of life]. Now in this process of evolution of understanding of majority of human race barring a few exceptions, there is an advancement of understanding the physical aspect of human beings and therefore many people across the globe belonging to different religions, various nations and many cultures have seen the benefits and accepted the usefulness of YOGA and PRANAYAMA [breathing exercises] as for the other two mental and spiritual even in the place geographically and culturally where these Vedas have emanated only a minority are interested and bothered to know and learn from the Vedas and out of this minority only a very miniscule minority have some real knowledge and there are a few who have mastered some aspects of these two and they are present around us to guide and help us in various ways let us allow them to do so without spoiling them by making cults out of them.

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