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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Time is a divine machine

Time is a divine machine
By Bharat Bhushan Padmadeo

The Pioneer

Sunday, May 8, 2011
Time is the administering tool of God -- goes the Indian belief. For
those who consider time as a measure of space, may regard this

statement as a blind belief. I wish to enlighten them that in

astrological terms, all units of time, both in macro and micro

scales, are scaled in correspondence with periodic motion of planets.

And, planets are energy providers, always on the move at their own

respective speed. Relate that to earth's motion, which spins at such

an enormous speed that it makes one rotation every 24 hours. It

simply implies that the sum total of the energy flux excited by

nature varies widely every moment. Time, therefore, is a measure of

varying energy flux made available to the earth, with its related

ramification in terms of individual and collective happenings. And,

every moment of time, being a stepping stone for the next ones, has

in store how energy framework is likely to evolve in the coming

moment. That is the basis of astrological predictions.
See how the astrological chart drawn to figure out the prospects of
becoming the Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh, also simultaneously

indicated his violent death later. The case relates to Dorjee Khandu,

who died in a helicopter crash on April 30. When the chopper carrying

him went missing, one of his well-wishers called me up late in the

night to figure out the prospects of his survival. At 22:57 hours,

randomly selecting 151 as the referral number, I drew a chart of the

moment. In the Krishnamurthy system of Horary Astrology, numbers

starting from 1 and ending up with 249 are respectively assigned

specific location in an astrological chart, which is taken as the

lagna. The life indicator, lagna sub-lord, headless Ketu, indicated

being clueless about his survival. The death indicator, 8th sub-lord,

was kaal denominator Rahu, which being posited in the constellation

owned by Ketu, and thereby linked to the lagna, meant death.
My association with Khandu dates back to March 28, 2007. He had come
with a specific query: Whether he could replace the then long

reigning Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh. His date and time of

birth were not known. So, I drew a Horary Chart at the moment of his

query. Lagna lord, Moon, was placed in his lagna itself, duly

supported by benevolent Jupiter, which implied that he carried the

promise of coming in public limelight in strong terms. The 4th lord,

Venus, identified with popular support was in the 10th house,

synonymous with power and position. It implied that he was promised

popular support to achieve a high position. The Sun, symbolic of the

ruler and placed in the 9th house signifying destiny, was also duly

supported by Jupiter. Longitudinally, the Sun had to move 12 degrees

in the next 12 days to be exactly trine to benevolent Jupiter for his

wish to find fruition. 11th sub-lord, Venus, being in its own

constellation in forward motion, promised fulfillment of desire. The

fact that a movable sign, Cancer, was rising meant that the results

will be available within days. And, true to the indications, he was

sworn in as Chief Minister on the 9th of April.
Taking the above chart, as a point of reference, let us figure out
whether his violent death was also due sometimes later. Death

indicator 8th lord, Saturn, was in the lagna, conjunct the lagna lord

Moon, and opposite its dire enemy, the violent Mars which was

conjunct unpredictable Neptune. That indicated violent death under

most unusual circumstances. On the day of accident, Moon, identified

with gross-body in astrological terms, was transiting exactly over

soul-indicator, the Sun, in the above referral chart. Saturn was

transiting bang opposite them that cut off his lifeline.
I wish and pray that Khandu's soul rests in peace.
The writer is an astrologer, vaastu consultant and spiritual

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