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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Vedic Mathematics

The Vedic Mathematics Sutras.
This list of sutras is taken from the book Vedic Mathematics, which includes a full list of the sixteen Sutras in Sanskrit, but in some cases a translation of the Sanskrit is not given in the text and comes from elsewhere.
This formula 'On the Flag' is not in the list given in Vedic Mathematics, but is referred to in the text.
the following site is about a Californian teacher teaching vedic maths useful one.
this one is for beginners
this is a useful forum for students
another useful site
go to tutorias in the following page to learn the basics easily
fill the form inthis site and you will get lot of free e.books on vedic mathematics
useful blog
useful site for learning simple calculation s
ten interesting tricks in maths
Courses on Vedic Mathematics
TridentPlus Universal A site based in Singapore that offers courses and tuition.
Learn and teach Vedic Mathematics. I believe the courses presented here are connected to the work of Dr. S.K. Kapoor.
MatheVedics run courses in Vedic Mathematics in various places in the United States.
Florida Vedic College has a module on Vedic Mathematics as part of its undergraduate degree course. This appears to be part of the Vedic Art and Sciences department.
Maharishi University of Management (Fairfield IOWA USA) mathematics courses. One of the modules run (MATH 205) is on Maharishi Vedic Mathematics. This course is more based on Maharishi's understanding of Vedic literature than application of Tirthaji's Sutras (see this document for a description).
On line courses in Vedic Mathematics
Introductory Course at the Vedic Math School.
Magical Methods offers a range of material on Vedic Mathematics.
PreshaSoftwares has a basic and Advanced course.
Vedic Mathematics community A discussion forum on all aspects of VM, run by Dr. T. Vennugopal
Magical Methods - It is becoming popular all over the world due to the following:
· It helps a person to solve mathematical problems 10-15 times faster.
· It helps in Intelligent Guessing (Knowing the answer without actually solving the problem)
· It reduces burden (Need to learn tables up to nine only).
· It is a magical tool to reduce scratch work and finger counting and improve Mental Calculation.
· It increases concentration.
· It improves confidence.
· Being unique it brings instant Recognition to its practitioner
Vedic mathematics and Computer Science - Any body interested in Vedic Mathematics and Computer can join and share
VEDIC mAGIcal MatHs - A group which explores into maths to solve the very best of complex equations and sums. If you want to multiply 5642 x 2308 ------- 13021736 It might take a few minutes.. But with VEDIC mAGIcal ...
On Yahoo
The yahoo groups indicate membership size of each group, the first few groups here contain the most members.
CAT-200X - This group is created for all world teachers/students who wants to aquire new skills in mathematics.These Vedic Techniques can help people in competetive examination.Vedic Mathematics is a form of mathematics that has been there in India from pre-historic times. Many saints and others (including Shankaracharyas) have contributed to this amazing mathematical idea for simple and complex computations. So I(moderator) am devoting some efforts to learn and spread Vedic Mathematics. These simple techniques is just one proof to show how much people have used their brain, when there was no pencil and paper (and of course calculator!). No wonder, great epics and other things have stood for centuries.
indianvedicmathematics - This group is solely meant for Vedic Mathematics lovers.
The activities of this group include:-

Clarification of doubts and discussion about the advanced concepts of Vedicmathematics.

The group also conducts VM tutorial through E-mail.

This group is being moderated by Mr. S.R.Sudarshan Iyengar and Mr. Thothari Venugopal.

If you are in need of any information then do mail me
VEDIC mAGIcal MatHs - A group which explores into maths to solve the very best of complex equations and sums.
Vedic Maths - A group for exploring the 5000 year old techniques in mathematics.
Vedic-Math - Does your mind wobble when confronted by a mathematical challenge more forbidding than two plus two? Do you dream of becoming the kind of person who can rattle off answers to the most complicated sums in the fraction of a second? If the answer is yes, you need Vedic mathematics. Try this for size. What's the square of 65? Simple: just multiply the first digit, 6, with its successor, 7. The answer is 42. Now find the square of the second digit, five, which is 25. Now bring the two together. Bingo, the answer is 4225! Don't believe it? Try it out with any two digit odd number divisible by five.
vedicmath - All that you wanted to know about vedic mathematics through books,CDs, conferencing,workshops or correspondence.
vedicmathematics4u - This is a group for students who are willing to learn something more than others. Here we will discuss Vedic mathematics. Vedic maths is collection of techniques which help you to do calculations at lightening speed. This is really helpful in cracking CAT too.
If you want to know about me simply mail me. I will answer to you.
Vedic Mathematics for our journey to the stars by Josef Hasslberger Oct 29th 2003.
Article on Vedic Mathematics The tutorial appears to have been lifted straight from the text based tutorial on this site.
Institue of Vedic Mathematics. Looks like they have lifted the Graphics for the Sutras off our web site.
Vedic Maths Institue. Looks like they have lifted the Graphics for the Sutras off our web site.
Mathematics and the Spiritual Dimension appears to be a disucussion about spirituality and mathematics. Discusses some of the Sutras and the number code assoicated with sanskrit verses.


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